Cyclists are getting traffic tickets at Toronto's High Park 1

Cyclists are getting traffic tickets at Toronto’s High Park


Days after dozens of cyclists were ticketed in Toronto's High Park for speeding and running stop signs, it appears issue is continuing.

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    1. Someone obviously didn’t see the paintings on the ground, that was a _bike lane._ Also, what about cars that barrel through sidewalks and bike-paths and block them off while they sit there waiting for an opening?

    2. @D vehicle owners have means of identification, and compliance. Lisence plates, insurance, ownership. Cyclists dont have anything other than “it was a guy in neon tights with a blue helmet”. So this is an issue when cyclists cause road incidents and casually ride away. Its clearly not just one or two of you in this video thats for sure so get off your big boy bike and settle down.

  1. Did they not know they were subjected to traffic laws as well? Or is this an entitlement thing?

  2. The laws certainly need to be updated, but from what I have seen myself, way too many cyclists think they own the road.

    1. And what about drivers that think they own sidewalks and bike-paths and barrel right through them and sit there, completely blocking them off while they wait for an opening into the street?

  3. I agree its ridiculous to ticket based on speed cause they can’t tell how fast their going. But everything else is far game. Ive seen a 4 way stop on an intersection connected to a highway and this entitled cyclist just blue right through! If the light had changed there would have been an accident.

    1. If we can track walking, is there not a single DeVine out there that can track a bicycles speed. Also, I have never heard of a driver getting out of a speeding ticket by stating “I didn’t know how fast I was going”!

    2. Lin Z.> this entitled cyclist just blue right through

      Imagine if the cyclist had purpled through through it. ¬_¬

    3. @Sharon Stone Just because you can measure the speed of something doesn’t mean the one moving can. Cars come with odometers, bikes don’t. ¬_¬

  4. Cyclists seem to have the perception they are above the law and everyone else. Disgusting attitude.

    1. No, they are just under the impression that they are more similar to pedestrians that cars, which is correct; motorcycles_ are closer to cars. ¬_¬

  5. Lmao are you kidding me! A bike does minimal to no damages compared to a car. Give me a break. Another reason to not support Toronto. This liberal nation is ridiculous.

    1. Rules are rules. laws are laws. obey the traffic signs and lights like everyone else and there won’t be a problem.

    2. @BubberGroves What? “Rules are rules”? There are entire books and TV shows dedicated to stupid laws. Besides, just because something is a law doesn’t make it right. Slavery used to be the law. Even now, there are laws about girls being forbidden from going to school and being obliged to get FGM. ¬_¬

  6. ” Not a single person got hurt. ” That was the attitude of management at a factory I worked. They said guards and barriers weren’t need on the production line. Then, they had 2 deaths and a leg amputation within 6 months.

  7. Just don’t pay the fines? It’s not complicated. I’ve gotten fines for not wearing a helmet out in Victoria. Never paid it, don’t care. Nothing happened. That was well over 10 years ago now.

    1. I wonder if the cops can arrest you for riding your bike without ID. How can they ticket you if you don’t have any?

  8. I guess if you whine enough, things go your way. Enough! Take the ticket and ride away, just like grown ups do.

    1. I guess you’d be cool with a cop giving you a ticket for walking on the “wrong” side of the street too huh? ¬_¬

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