Woman confronted by bold coyote while gardening in Toronto 1

Woman confronted by bold coyote while gardening in Toronto

A Toronto woman says that a bold coyote nipped her pant leg off while she was gardening in a Scarborough neighbourhood this morning.

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  1. It’s definitely nothing new…. as the city’s grow, we destroy their habitat, That or the coyote got into the wrong garbage and ate Andy’s leftover brownies and got the munchies

    1. Their habitat is not being destroyed, they live all over North America. This is opportunity combined with a sense of security from a lack of predation.

  2. Just put the animal down… Why is such an obvious decision so hard to make? It’s a “wild animal” that’s not afraid of humans and no where near being considered endangered.

  3. Time to get me a Rottweiler. But I’m scared of Rottweiler’s. How about a German Shepherd? Maybe I could carry raw meat with me everywhere I go and if I get confronted by a coyote I can throw the raw meat and run? What am I going to do?

  4. 1:47 “I told the coyote to ‘Go away! Go away!’ The coyote didn’t listen…” you don’t say lol try speaking French next time he might understand

  5. What about rabies ??? The government’s officials don’t care they can live trap it and move it to another location if they wanted to …

  6. Time for another lock down the big bad Wolf is going to bring another strain of covic everyone stay indoors this is the worst one yet till the three Bears variant comes in November…

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