Politico’s Sam Stein Says Democrats ‘Could Be Pressing Harder’ On Investigation Into Jan 6th | MSNBC 1

Politico’s Sam Stein Says Democrats ‘Could Be Pressing Harder’ On Investigation Into Jan 6th | MSNBC


Politico White House Reporter Sam Stein takes a look at how there still is no commission established to investigate what happened on January 6th and the different considerations underway by President Biden and the Democrats.
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  1. If nobody’s held accountable for Jan 6th then they absolutely will learn something, namely that they can get away with absolutely anything and anytime.

    1. @Crimdor well if no charges were filled they were innocent and by the way seattle PD caught one of their own a known white supremist inciting looting and violence he infiltrated BLM to commit crimes to make peaceful protesters look bad plus most of the people hurt were protesters at the hands of cops which pis5ed of protesters and then they attacked the police station

    2. @george butler So Trump engineered and spread this virus? You’re so full of SH!T you draw flies.

    3. @Borvo BLM’s goal is to tear down the foundations of this democratic REPUBLIC. You not only drank the Marxist Koolaid, but you also bathe in and give yourself enemas with it.

    4. @george butler – Charges have been filed against roughly 97 individuals and over 50 cases have been dropped mostly because of the bailout funds that Democrats created for those that committed the crimes.

    5. @Josef Jerbils Trump knew the deadly aspect of the virus. We all heard him say that. When he played it down he in fact caused the virus to go unchecked. So he cant even say he was naïve , He should have been transparent.

  2. Does anyone else think that Jan 6th might become an annual event. A bit like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year?
    I sometimes imagine the following picture of Jan 6th 2024. A bunch of Trumpoids (ointments are available from good chemists) show up, exchange greetings “Haven’t heard from you since last year ..” and then fall to discussing the possible outcome of the latest recount in Arizona. “Maybe we’ll get the right result THIS time…”
    That is one sequel I would be very happy to miss.

    1. Well now that Republican are putting into law that politicians can ignore the election and appoint their own electors, say good bye to democracy. It’s done, it’s over.

    2. @Bunn E. Fartz Democracy is never gone, it just needs home maintenance. And also a very good cleanout of its enemies. Its only done as long as people remain subservient to criminals at the top.

  3. This HAS to be investigated, no question about it. The people responsible for that attack must be made examples of so that no one ever attempts that even remotely ever again.

    1. There needs to be a full investigation of 1/6/2021. We must make sure that it does not happen again.

    2. @virginia russell I absolutely agree, otherwise it’ll happen again and the next time we might not be so lucky. Authoritarian parties shouldn’t even be allowed to run for elections if you ask me.

  4. When telling the truth is what gets you fired…something is very wrong with the company you work for! In this case…the GOP!!!

  5. Screw that. Let the DOJ open a full scale investigation where there is the power in indict.

  6. This is why mcConnell would not allow Garland to be a supreme court judge. Judgment day is coming for all the GQP!

  7. The GQP buffaloed the Obama admin when the report that would have shown the gathering threat that has been incipient up to this point could have been seen. At this point, the phrase “domestic terrorism” should be called what it truly is: RIGHT WING DOMESTIC TERRORISM, because that is the FACT.

  8. There were reports of a couple of Congress members conducting “tours” of the Capitol a day or two before the 6th, when access to the building was highly restricted. But these did occur. There are security cameras on every doorway and in every hallway providing multi-angle views of every inch of the place. Why have we not heard anything further on this? Who is covering up for who?

  9. indict the instigators, had better be quick about it because they are going to do it again,they’ve haven’t stopped actually.

  10. Jan. 6 HAS to be investigated thoroughly. These ‘patriots’ will infect the US for the next gen or 2. Scariest experience I witnessed in my 69 years. Sad day..

  11. Seems no one will serve any time for the Portland riots seems like a bias justice system

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