Politics, But Make It Puppets

Can puppets help us bridge the political divide? Probably not. But there’s one guy in Arizona who’s trying. If you saw Audie on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, you might have heard her mention a listener who called in about his R-rated puppet theater. His name is Shaun McNamara, and he’s the director of the All Puppet Players in Phoenix. His pitch: doing political humor in a red state. But with puppets. So, we called him up for chat.  
We’re taking a short break with this episode. We’ll be back in your feeds in a few weeks. If YOU have an assignment for us, just like Shaun, you can give us a call and leave us a voicemail at 202-854-8802. You can record a voice memo on your phone and email that to us at: theassignmentcnn@gmail.com (mailto:theassignmentcnn@gmail.com).  

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  1. Please do a shout out for bay city academy in Michigan it would mean the world to me😁😁😁

  2. 🤣CNN had to dump all this 🦬💩 because this was supposed to be CNN+’s 1st weeks “content”🤣🤣🤣.

  3. I think it should be investigated in the past and present in terms of political impartiality and credibility whether CNN was informed and deliberately withheld from the people the now-known state structures.

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