Will Banning TikTok Help Kids?

Gen Z is the first generation to truly grow up online and now they’re joining the fight to log off. In February, college student and founder of the Log Off Movement ( ), Emma Lembke, testified in front of a Senate committee about the impact that social media companies have on youth mental health. Emma is one of many activists, including parents and politicians from both sides of the aisle, calling for increased government regulation of social media companies. Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks with CNN Technology Reporter Brian Fung ( ) about a Supreme Court case that could open those companies to more lawsuits. Plus, we dive into what we actually know about the privacy concerns surrounding TikTok and if a nationwide ban is possible.

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  1. Obviously! Social media is the worse thing that happened to us. Remember how great it used to be before this crap. Dont forget to ban youtube shorts as well

  2. I’m old enough to remember on how life was so much better before social media became an everyday part of our lives. I really miss those days.😔

  3. 1 more coach Greg
    He’s a fitness guy
    Guarantee a few days later
    Ever recommended video is someone with muscles
    Then below some dude eating a burger big smile on his face literally like 1000 videos like this

  4. Tik Tok isn’t the problem. There’s other actual problems that need to be addressed.

    Kids today are bombarded with tech, internet, etc. There’s so much fake information, targeted ads, etc. So many kids are being obsessed with followers, comments, etc. It’s akin to addictions.

    There’s nothing wrong with tech and social media. It’s about learning to be involved in moderation.

    1. TikTok is part of the problem. No other social media platform has proven this able to get so many kids addicted

  5. I took TikTok away from grandchild, he was addicted and his school grades were falling short. More time to study and play sports is exactly what he needed. Thank you for the awareness.

  6. Is all about gossip the need to fit in to be part of something.The needing people’s of people’s opinion approval tand the big thing MAKING EASY MONEY.

  7. The TikTok versions for the West and Americas are different than those in China! It is almost too late to stop … they are hooked in too deep!

  8. The saddest part of this is that up until now, only 1,300 people have listened to this video when there are billions on social media, and this affects all. The reality is we can never get ahead of any situation because the world doesn’t care until something catastrophic happens. I pray for the world in which we live.

  9. Kids are becoming more and more socially isolated. TikTok contributes to this, sooner or later this problem will have to be addressed

  10. Another 1 this week ..God knows how many videos of woman rating men 1 to 10
    Who decides to spam with this
    I was like this what an incel gets spammed with when he’s on the Internet videos like this crp very useful information

  11. As a teacher it is nearly impossible to teach because of these kids being glued to TikTok. I’m afraid for the future. I think parents should give their children flip phones if they think they should have a phone. I honestly don’t think they need smart phones.

  12. As someone who has been online longer than any graphic interchange format, I think one thing that is “wrong” with social media is the idea of anonymity.

    While you should always be free to say what you want, you should also be accountable for having said it, or repeating it, or retweeting it. That accountability comes in that you are *known* online. Your activity can be tracked. If you bully some 16yr old into killing themselves, you should not be able to do so from behind a mask.

    Yes, this opens up a lot of safety concerns about who has your information, but those looking up your information will also have that lookup traced back to them.

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