1. @KVT To start, enforce the anti-monopoly laws by breaking up a few bloated corporations and reviving competition.

  1. When you have inflation there are 2 things that can be done; take money out of the economy by laying people off or increase production by increasing taxes on stock buy backs.

    1. @An Acc she publicly admitted that it wasn’t true 4 years ago after being tested. I don’t know why she said she was when she didn’t. She definitely should have tested before making a claim like that

  2. It’s an unsustainable system. Profit taking and only the well positioned succeed while the poor and struggling are afforded no relief in the form of secure jobs and wages better than barely holding things together.

    1. It is sustainable for the ones on top. They won’t lose their houses or lifestyle, and they will just start over in a new place doing the same thing. That’s why we need people like her so damn bad. She gives us little people a voice a way to try and fight back. By holding these asshats to account.

  3. This is a woman who does not give a rip about big money. I am glad she is there, I feel like she is fighting for me even though I live in Oklahoma.

    1. That’s exactly what she wants you to think. She and her buddies in congress are the reason the fed has to raise rates in the first place. Then she complains about it and whines. Maybe she should do her job so the fed wouldn’t have to give us pain.

    2. @Edward Lewis “She won’t even call out her own side.” Horeshit. Did you even listen to the interview???? She acknowledged that some Democrats also supported bank deregulation.

    3. @Matthew de la Paz “She and her buddies in congress are the reason the fed has to raise rates in the first place. ” You’re not even listening. She explained exactly why the Fed DOESN’T need to raise interest rates.

    1. I lost my House in ’09, at 67% of my ‘buy-in’ cost of 1988! It DESTROYED my Marriage, my Kids next 2 decades of their Young Lives, and my entire WORLD & Hope to-be-a-Father of My kids I waited 12 Years for…

  4. If Congress did their job, they wouldn’t have to rely on the Fed whose kind of operates from a one trick pony tool box. Congress could help resolve supply chain issues, outsourcing, taxes and business consolidation, they just don’t. What else can you expect?

    1. What do you expect when the CEO of SVB is also on the board of Federal Reserve Commission San Francisco?🎉

    2. Yes the fed is doing their job and using the tools they have available. They can’t pass policy to provide support to unemployed, change tax policy etc.

    3. @Perrin Partee She’s a politician, she is speaking to her audience. To do something she would need the support of her party which ain’t gonna happen and Republicans which, no way is gonna happen.

    4. @Perrin Partee She said it clearly: 1) Stop/reverse the increase of interest rates which aim to increase unemployment. 2) Increase regulation of the banking industry . And she proved why Jerome Powell should not be reconfirmed.

  5. The price of Lumber went crazy . followed by Housing prices . Now ‘Price Gouging’ on everything . They can`t stop inflation without slowing down Prices .

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  7. This is why I love Liz Warren. She’s a public servant that’s for the people and by the people. No gimmicks, just straight to the facts and truths. Keep up the great work Liz. You are an honorable senator who works on behalf of the American people and for that, I salute to you. May God continue to help you navigate through a disorderly politics that we’re all in.

  8. This is why I voted for her in the primary. She knows how to break down complicated issues in a way anyone can understand.

    1. latest inflation report dont agree. Good inflation came down but services inflation continue to go up meaning people are spending way too much on money on non-housing services

  9. Senator Warren; thank you so much for addressing this issue with such clarity. Driving up interest rates only hurts the economy as people are unable to pay off their debts or get a mortgage. Somebody’s heads need to roll. Another sad place for the US.

    1. I actually watched the entire thing on youtube. She didn’t really talk to him. She spoke so that she could later talk about it. She’s fake. Raising rates always causes unemployment. But sometimes it has to be done. It’s the bitter pill we have to swallow after congress wastes all our money.

    2. The bestxway to solve the inflation problem import export ratio. Electric cars. Lithium mining. Oil too really. Hi speed rail. Tech advancement.

    3. Wouldn’t have had to raise interest rates if the response to the pandemic was more proportionate and if trillions wasn’t printed and pumped into the economy. The fed chair is doing his job to deal with flawed the monetary policy of the president and congress which has resulted in inflation and supply chain issues

  10. I remember 18% interest rates in the early 90’s. My first house had a mortgage rate of 7.5% which was good for the late 90’s. We’re so used to the prime rate hovering around zero we have forgotten what normal looks like. I’m not qualified to suggest a better approach and I respect Sen Warren very highly. These are tough times but for an old guy like me the rates don’t seem insane. I think “normal” was somewhere around 6%?

    1. Debt was lower then, and demographics favoured growth. Since then inequality has risen to its highest ever, while corporate concentration has increased.

    2. @Rn Kn Inequality rises when people who can get large loans at near 0% interest rates do so as now everyone is pushing up asset prices. The best way lower income earners could be part of the “American Dream tm” was home ownership, which is now next to impossible and rents are squeezing them to death.

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