See scene of deadly Russian missile strike in Zaporizhzhia

CNN's Ivan Watson reports from where a Russian missile struck an apartment complex in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine. Then, CNN analysts Jill Dougherty and retired Col. Cedric Leighton discuss with CNN's Wolf Blitzer. #CNN #News


  1. it happened the same thing than in Dnipro city, the buildings are hit by Ukrainian anti air defenses, Russian missiles would cause much more damage

    1. @Pug Chronicals Oleksiy Arestóvich, Zelensky’s advisor was forced to resign after his statement that a Russian missile that hit a residential building in Dnipro on January 14 was allegedly shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces. “It was shot down, it fell on an entryway. It exploded as it fell,

    2. Except that the Russians have been using SAM’s converted to SSM’s. Many targets do not need a large warhead, anyway, so, no need to hit them with a large missile.

    3. @Nando Torres Arestovych had wrong information and apologized the next day. Don’t spread disinformation

    4. @SpringIsBACK The SAM cannot be used over long distances when operating ground-to-ground. The maximum is six miles.

  2. I don’t know how anyone could go back in there and sleep through the night. I be packing and gone. It’s simply amazing what so many people there face on a daily basis. 🇺🇦🙏🇺🇦

    1. People in Donetsk and Lugansk were living in such situations for many years. But west media was blind for that. Now they show that “dramas” with crying about weapons ukrainians every day. I’m sure that ukrainian who crys about more weapons is sick or special guy who acting a role of a “common ukrainian” that want west give them more weapons. What a cheap theatre.

    2. @Andrew Boyce I totaly understand that, I been to Germany, my moms side lives there and visited Italy once, a person can feel so out of place when you don’t speak the language or have your own home, friends and family.

    3. @gfan83 it’s absolute horror really. There was not enough of big stuff what was needed, soldiers there are amazing for what they had to work with, has taught lots to the U.S. One thing I learned over this last year is Ukrain has so many extremely smart people and are so bright, artistic, creative. It’s alot I learned about the people and county over this last year. Sad it has happened this way though. I just wish it was done and over, I keep thinking about how long it will take to recover, 20 plus years I bet. 3 generations before there be kids who can grow up with a normal life. Take care.

  3. A Tribute to Ukraine 

    The Fight

    Where were you 
    when the walls came crumbling down.
    Fearing for our lives
    In our home towns.

    Where children once played 
    Laughter was everywhere
    We now find graves 
    Seems like only…we care.

    But now,
    We’re standing side by side 
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.

    And now,
    We’re standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation’s soul.

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    If we lose.
    If this was our last fight.
    I promise you
    We didn’t run and hide.

    Only one way to live
    Head high and full of pride
    What we would give
    Our blood and tears we cried.

    But now,
    We’re standing side by side 
    Defending arm in arm
    Praying for our lives.

    And now,
    We’re standing toe to toe
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    Dying for our nation’s soul.

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    A burst of lightning 
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    We will not run and hide.

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    And now,
    We’re standing toe to toe
    Fighting hand to hand
    Dying for our nation’s…..

    And then,
    There’s one thing that remains.
    Fight until the death 
    Fight for our Ukraine. 

    But now, 
    Our prayers were not met
    By those who stood by
    By those who would forget. .

    By Humble Driver

    thank you for reading humble poem ❤️ 🙏 and if you are interested in song please go to Humble Driver YouTube

    1. @天月🌚  Thank you for reading humble poem 🙏 once I become inspired I would indeed write ✍️ tribute

    2. @Corrie Bolton words of composition derived from heart while inspired by the Ukrainian people’s fight for their freedom and their lives. Yes. I’d say I care.

  4. It has got to be hard for Zelensky to walk with those GIANT BRASS BALLS ! No rebuilt jokes for him oh no. He’s gonna visit the front lines ! SLAVA UKRAINI 🇺🇦🌻🔱✊🏽🇺🇲

    1. Slava cocaine 🇺🇦. Who told you he ever set foot in Bakmut ? Geo locatimg shows he was 24 km away from bakmut

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  6. I’m telling you I have never seen or heard of anyone like these Ukrainians 💪🇺🇦, “this doesn’t scare me, please give us more weapons!” The resolve of this population I hope rubs off on the states

    1. Yesss, Ukraine need our support, support from all World. Not only USA. All world should help to Ukraine army will be strong and do win.

    1. @Harlequin Russia has really tried Everything that’s Humanly possible to avoid this tragic conflict (this Special Military Operation) and to save countless beautiful Lives and precious Souls, and to solve the problem through peaceful talks and productive negotiations.

  7. “Zelensky will fight Russia to the last Ukrainian. Let’s give this man more lethal weapons, please. No American boots on the ground in Ukraine. It’s a good investment, in my opinion, to continue our crucial support and our vital assistance to the Ukrainian soldiers so we can stop Putin’s imperial ambitions and give Russia a strategic defeat in Ukraine.” — Sen. Lindsey Graham

  8. Praying that God just reset the hearts and minds of those who live with hatred and deceit. Praying for strength and healing for all the families of the innocent lives lost thru war and crime, accross this creation. In Yoshua holy name, Amen

  9. God bless & keep Ukrainians safe 🙏✌️🙏🇺🇦💙💛🇺🇦 Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦❤️💓☘️

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  11. Thanks for visiting the location and talking to the locals. “Give us more weapons” that’s what he has to say. Putin miscalculated again

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