Strip club bouncers fight off, disarm masked man with a gun

Security guards working at a strip club in Tampa, Florida, are being hailed as heroes after they stopped an armed man wearing a devil mask from entering the club.  #CNN #News #shorts


  1. He got taken down right quick, didn’t hurt anyone, got the tar kicked out of him, AND lost his shorts at the end of it! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Great reaction by the club security officers, they may have stopped untold numbers of injuries or fatalities. They put themselves in harms way to keep others safe. I hope they are financially rewarded for their actions.

  3. What a great job that security guard did. He disarmed the suspect who was about to go on a murder spree in that club. People are insane. He got konked over the head instead. 😅

  4. Despite the seriousness of the situation and all the risks involved, there are many hilarious details in that short filmed altercation.

  5. Actually, the Sec Guard deserved “Special Citizen Mention”. The mayor of Tampa should see fit. Thank you Sir. You probably saved lives!

  6. Everyday hero! Let’s get back to that mindset, America., THIS is the spirit of America, not the crap ring handled down to us by conspirators and criminals.

  7. Imagine the restraint it must have taken to not blow his head off once the bouncer had the gun and the dude kept fighting…

    1. The same people ignore the first four words of the amendment: “A well regulated Militia”.

      They ignore the fact that the term “militia” is legally defined as consisting of members of the national guard, coast guard, and state defense forces.

      They also ignore the fact that all 50 states have laws that prohibit citizens from engaging in paramilitary activities.

      They try to argue that their gun clubs are militias, when they’re in no way legally recognized.

  8. “Purchasing a firearm while under a risk protection order” Texas RIGHT NOW is actually trying to allow those with protection orders the ability to continue to possess a firearm. Even those deemed a threat to others.

  9. Should be recognized by city, state and fed government as hero and be given a medal. Saved lives!

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