Pope expresses pain over residential school deaths but no apology 1

Pope expresses pain over residential school deaths but no apology


Pope Francis on Sunday expressed sorrow over the discovery in Canada of the remains of 215 Indigenous students of church-run residential schools but didn't offer the apology sought by the Canadian prime minister.

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  1. The Catholic Church needs to be held accountable for these crimes against humanity committed by the church.

    1. @particlesinspace your whataboutism does not excuse your Church that is riddled with a history of genocidal, pedophilic violence perpetrated upon the most vulnerable within it’s charge.

    2. @Marshmellafella I do not excuse the church at all, let me be clear on that, I’m talking about the Anglo-saxon dudes who committed genocide all around the globe. The Christian missionaries and priests, and as you rightly call them pedophiles, are always right along side to get a piece of the action.

  2. Lets take our wealth back from these corrupt religious institutions that don’t pay any taxes but cause harm.

    1. @Anna Florentinayet you are commenting on a video where bodies hundreds of children were found in buried in a Catholic run residential school in Canada…

    2. @Marshmellafella They aren’t private schools, they’re Catholic schools. And the separate schools in Ontario are superior to the public schools. So all you want to do is destroy for revenge WITHOUT even knowing the details of what happened.

    3. Called by any other name, other than a religious organization the Catholic Church would have been long ago dismantled. Dismantled for the atrocities and horrors it has perpetrated against it’s own flock, and those unfortunate enough to be forced under it’s ‘care’.

    1. @Ken Coumbs Money gets things done. Goodwill without action does not. What’s hard about that to understand?

  3. more thoughts and prayers. I am sure this is what Jesus would not have wanted. funny how the public have more moral and ethics than than the pope.

  4. Allow an official investigation and release records… these words mean nothing without action.

    1. What records? All records have been released, and most are in a museum. If there are any more records, the church doesn’t know about them. An investigation is already taking place.

    2. @Izabela How do we know that? Just because Trudeau said so? He literally knows nothing, and would say anything.

  5. Apparently he or the previous pope apologized about the residential schools some years ago when he visited Bolivia!
    We had to hear about that on the news.

  6. I gave my CATECHISM of being a slave of The Roman Catholic better yet I used it for my late night reminiscing of how happy to be alive to share my horrific nightmares but I am truly happy to be celebrating 60 years old next let the chips fall

  7. Nobody cares about his pain. Produce all the records from all the schools, that would start to show you care.

    1. Those records were destroyed after the deaths of the children. The church has been doing stuff like this long enough to know enough to cover up their own crimes.

    1. I think you mean Humans have a history of known Crimes against Humanity. Where ever humans exist, there are such crimes.

  8. This is not just a Canadian situation, where ever the Catholic Church went throughout history, the resident populations have been abused.

  9. He is “pained” – but not enough for the Church to feel remorse for the Doctrine of Discovery, Dum Diversas and Pontifex Romanus that lead to all of this ?!

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