1. Neither can Biden. No politician can so whats your point. She wont let her get an answer out

  1. “..we lost the signal there..we lost Mercedes there..”
    Poppy you didn’t lose much.

  2. I love this interview.
    She’s trying so hard to save her job
    But the truth keeps clapping back

  3. The billionaire’s daughter is telling unemployed Americans to “find something new.”
    Thanks for the advice, Ivanka.

    1. @Dallas Johnson thats not the point! Ivanka, who has started business with daddys name and money, is telling the guy who is out of work, “find something new to do”. Thats like a man writing a book about what its like to be pregnant.

    2. @John Smith well according to your progressive comrades, men actually can write that book…you know…because they can be women now

    3. @AUGUSTUS CAESER for what?? If Hillary is still walking, and the Dem mayors who let their cities go to sht are still walking, Trump wont be facing any sentence

  4. “I have NOT read it.” OMG MG MG — does anything more really need to be said??? Pffffttt!….

    1. How much is she being paid? IF she really believes the BS coming out of her mouth – she needs psychological evaluation big time!

    1. Like Joe can even complete a sentence. Really. Talk about Quicksand. Joe will sink faster than Hillary.

    1. @SaibotKing2000: Those initials have already been taken: They could and should rename their party ‘G.S.P.’, which stands for Going Senile Party.

    2. @duhmahsnabores More appropriate would be ‘Gone Senile Party’………..they have been there for quite some time

    3. Are you sure. I think its the other way around. Dems should change their name to what they really are…..Socialist. You had it all with obama and sank the country. Trumps had it for 4 years and broke records on all fronts. Once covid is gone he will do it again. It will be back. Trump 2020

    4. It’s also been suggested that GOP stands for: Got Other Plans.
      Personally, I think that is true on soooo many levels.

  5. Let’s be honest, nobody really takes anyone named Mercedes seriously!!

    All she wanted to do was fight & not discuss the issues seriously!!

  6. @Mercedes Schlapp: Trump to electorate: “Vote for me in November and I will send you a free can of Goya beans , just pay for the shipping.”

  7. Interesting how this woman gets so immediately on the defensive for being asked on some of the inconsistencies with her boss.

  8. Mercedes, she’s an immigrant when she”s not being a ” Karen” wannabe like many latinas who marry a gringo.

  9. They all have been told to keep saying “bold and decisive” when talking about Trump. Every single one of his people keep repeating that.

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