Postal Workers Rally Support To Block DeJoy's Plan To Weaken USPS 1

Postal Workers Rally Support To Block DeJoy’s Plan To Weaken USPS


Kimberly Karol, president of the Iowa Postal Workers Union, talks with Rachel Maddow about the effort to rally public feedback in opposition to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy's plan to reduce mail services with slowdowns, cuts, and privatization as part of a 10-year plan.
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  1. Since interfering with the mail is a crime why, exactly, hasn’t De Joy been removed for criminal acts in office?

    1. @Michael Reid Of course – I guess the sarcasm and generality of my comment didn’t come thru. Sadly, high level executives are not held to the same standards as the lowly worker. tRump will probably never go to jail for same reason, he can slither around behind the burden of proof

    2. @nucker figure If you asked Jewish people if they were racist in regard to the sociopath SEGMENT of the German population of that era, they would CORRECTLY tell you “NO”, as the treatment of those previous generations had NOTHING to do with “race”, and everything to do with the demented minds of those who find it more comfortable to blame others for their own circumstances, usually brought about by their NOT dealing with their own shortcomings. And, to address your first assertion, if you’re a racist, you are indeed WRONG. We’d ALL be in a world of hurt if we had had to rely only the brains of WHITE GUYS to have gotten us A L L to this stage of HUMAN development!!!

    1. That started with agent orange who had no business being president and mitch mcconnel who allowed him to read havoc on this country. Yet, the Republicans continue to push agent orange as their leader. It’s sad.

    2. @Alaska Pirates and the republicans? we’re once again supposed to put out the fires they start?

    3. @Ray Quinonez I have no idea which comment you are responding to… but name calling solves everything right please be less publicly educated

  2. I’ve never worked at any post office anywhere in my life- but I will go to protest with them – DEJOY NEEDS TO BE ACCOUNTABLE- HE IS EVIL.

    1. @Mr. White A robust postal system is key for government interest (knowing where citizens live for taxation, communication, instruction, voting etc.) thats why its WRITTEN IN THE CONSTITUTION and has served ALL OF US for two centuries.

      Anti-government fools want the post office privatized ($$$$) and hobbled.

      Only Imbeciles support this.

    2. @Mr. White are you serious? Everything trump touched (es) is flying in anyone and everyone’s face…piles left over others are shoveling through.

  3. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy: “I am committed to lying and deceiving the American public about my corruption!”

  4. I don’t understand how it was possible for
    Dejoy to order the destruction of the sorting machines?!!! They were so important for the postal service. Why couldn’t he be stopped???

    1. Cuz he’s the Postmaster General of the US. He would have to be removed from office which would need more Democrats on the board to remove him. I thought Biden was working on that but I haven’t heard anything recently about it.

    2. @Marcea Susanna Becerras – Biden is actively working on this, Some seats have already been filled. I think there’s one to go.

    3. the machines were removed because they can monitor how much mail is ran through them and if the machine isn’t being used enough they get rid of it. that is exactly what anybody would do when running a business

    4. @Steve Fulscher It’s not a business it’s a SERVICE, it’s called The US Postal SERVICE! So tell us…what exactly is the criteria for “not being used enough” and why exactly do they have to be “destroyed”? So what happens when they need to move more mail in the future, which will happen?

    5. @Steve Fulscher it’s not a business that’s the problem businessmen should only run businesses not a country

  5. Reading DeJoy’s description of his 10 Year Plan is like watching “Gaslight”. Part of it seems to be to making public comments as difficult as possible.

  6. He has no idea and has no interrest in finding out how the mail works. He’s only interest is to destroy/privatize the post because he had a delivery co.himself.

    1. His orange messiah had no idea how to run a country, except into the ground like his businesses, so?

    2. Yeah….I think it was an oversight that Rachel didn’t mention any thing about his interest in an outside shipping company.

  7. Oddly, Dejoy is a partner in a shipping company. Now he wants to send the mail across country via semi? Sounds like a plan to enrich his pocket book.

    1. That and also the 2022 elections are coming up he’s going to slow down whatever he can so that Republicans have a better chance of winning

    2. Follow the money – who is going to get that shipping contract and their connection to DeJoy and Republican donors/officials.

  8. The problem with appointing people who are uniquely unqualified is that some of them are really hard to get rid of. We lost two sorting machines locally, and it’s been… criminal, frankly. What he’s done is criminal.

    1. DeJoy is doing exactly what the corporate oligarchs want, he and his friends will take over mail delivery and our rates will go up.

    2. You didn’t “lose” them. He took them away. His only goal is to destroy the USPS so that Republicans can privatize it and deregulate so that they can charge exorbitant rates to the American people.

  9. He’s already messed up the mail SO MUCH, since he’s been in office I’ve had four packages get lost. That’s never happened to me before, and it’s happening to other people I know as well.

    1. I have companies and friends yelling at me because I haven’t responded to the mail they sent me – because it was never delivered!! I live in a Republikkkan county in Colorado. They love DeJoy and the chaos it is causing.

    2. I hear ya. I didn’t have to worry about long shipping times and lost packages when Obama was in office!

  10. He knows exactly what they do, and he wants their business for his, and his friends, freight companies.

  11. As someone who used to work for Canada Post, I stand with my brothers and sisters in the US Postal Service.
    The postal system is crucial for the survival of a country. Countless lives rely on timely delivery.

  12. You need to tell people exactly who to contact. If you go to American Postal Workers Union website you can find information and a letter to sign for your area representatives. So far I can’t find anything about the public comment period on this issue. If DeJoy isn’t stopped every letter and package you mail will cost more, take longer to arrive, and when he finally collapses the Post Office, put money directly into his pocket because only private carriers will be available. We’ll all be saying, remember when the mail came right to our door, it was so easy.

    1. I went to the Postal Regulatory Commission website and found a page “Filing Online” but I think I’ll at least go to your referenced website and sign my rep’s letter. Thank you.

  13. My very dear friend sent me a beautiful gift she made me all reminiscent of our teenage years, she sent this on May 4th, I just received it on May 20th. This awful turd needs to be flushed.

  14. Mail-in ballots are going to be a casualty if boxes are shut down. Hmmm…talk about a coordinated effort!

  15. DeJoy looks like the quintessential CEO who would 1. take over a company, 2. cut the company until it is half dead but looks good on the financial statement 3. take a big bonus and claim success, 4. move on and leave a trail of destruction 5. repeat until their luck catch up with them

    1. This is unfortunately standard procedure in these days of republican deregulation worship. When is the next time banks for example will take us over the edge, then get handed billions of dollars as a “penalty”? Too bad rampant bribery of lawmakers is legal in USA. It will be the eventual downfall of our democracy if not changed.

    2. That is “vulture capitalism” isn’t it? Not illegal, just immoral and bad for business (except the few who profit).

    3. @Michael Bray you’re right the ideas are the same but corporate raiders buy shares to gain power to then commit vulture capitalism.

  16. Mike Bates my bro works at one local Delaware post office he’s been worked like a dog over the last 15 years they are fighting for union also.. GOOD LUCK ALL POSTAL WORKERS…

  17. Dejoy wants to screw up the mail
    Whether rain, snow, or darkness or hail
    It’ll get there on time if we stop Dejoy’s crime
    And we make sure he winds up in jail

    1. Defund DeJoy!!! He’s an arrogant, unqualified jerk who does not care about the USPS, employees, or customers. Fire him!!

  18. Thanks, Rachel! Thanks, Kimberly! I actually just emailed President Biden again this morning about strengthening the US Postal Service, which Postmaster DeJoy is an unquestionable deterrent. DeJoy and most Republicans seem to think that the Postal Service should be like a for-profit business… but it’s not, it’s a public service – ingrained in our Constitution.

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