Biden Takes Swipe At Trump For Kim Jong Un Meetings | The 11th Hour 1

Biden Takes Swipe At Trump For Kim Jong Un Meetings | The 11th Hour


Pres. Biden took a veiled swipe at his predecessor's meetings with Kim Jong-Un today during a press conference with South Korean president Moon Jae-In. MSNBC's Brian Williams speaks to Rick Stengel.
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  1. Meeting with him legitimizes his regime. Any diplomacy would be likely to start through lower level diplomatic channels. It will be much different for lil’ Kim, either way.

    1. Do you know what legitimizes his regime? The fact that he has nuclear weapons that can reach the United States. If you think Biden is not going to call Kim Jong-un once he starts launching his missiles, you are a dupe. With Trump, the missiles stopped flying over Japan. Biden is playing a very dangerous game with this theatre.

    2. How much do they pay you to pretend you know a shred about the geopolitics of south and North Korea? Does South Korea not try to help North Korean citizens? Are we not an ally of South Korea? Are you this dumb or do you make more than minimum wage commenting on behalf of the mainstream federal media?

    3. Kevin James they are just emotional leftists obsessed with making snarky “orange man bad” comments

    4. @dio777777 Precisely why he is meeting with leaders in the region. We don feat KJU. We are technically still at war. We have been in a 70 year cease fire.

    1. @Make_Me the media and Democrats had nothing to do with that war right? Proving my original point about “orange man bad” and the left will blindly agree. Trump put hard sanctions on Russian and the left called him a Russian pawn, Biden removed those sanctions and signed a waiver to give Putin the rights to build his pipeline through Europe essentially handing Putins Europe energy supply and the left goes “crickets”. This is why no one take you uninformed emotional thinking fools seriously

    2. @Rell 1984 trump bombed countries hundreds of times lol no evidence connecting Biden to violence in other countries

    3. @Rell 1984 trump bombed Syria dozens of times during his presidency lol but you will deny that I’m sure

    4. @Hugh G Rection I never said Trump never had any military engagement. But his actually served a purpose like getting rid of ISIS. Notice you no longer hear about his. FYI if you’ve never heard any evidence of Biden having violence in other countries it’s because you’re one of his dead voters. Biden has had his signature on every single war since the 70’s, and when Obama/Biden went into power they were in 2 wars (Afghanistan and Iraq), by the end of that administration they added 5 with Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. Biden personally oversaw all 5 and even gave lucrative war business deals to his brother and friends. Trump all but eliminated Syrian conflict and on week one of the Biden admin he bombs Syria, ramps up the military budget by $20 billion, sold Israel $735 million in weapons a week before Hamas even attacked the Gaza Strip, and a third of his transition team were ex weapons industry CEOs. You brainlets are uninformed and arrogantly so, maybe you should watch real news instead of DNC ran propaganda

    5. @Rell 1984 Six months into Trump’s presidency shows he dropped 20,650 bombs from November 2016-july. That’s 80% dropped by Obama in the entirety of 2016 . In July 2016 the Islamic state dropped 4,313. 77% more than the bombs dropped under Obama. In the last 193 days of Obama’s presidency, there were only 21 lethal counterterrorism operations across 3 countries. In trumps last 193 days there were 92 lethal counterterrorism operations across those countries that resulted in the deaths of american troops. Under trumps presidency there were 67% more civilian casualties from bombs then any president to ever be elected. Rump ordered counter Islamic strategy operations that he missed the deadlines for twice

  2. One has no hesitation killing his own family members to get power, the other would not think twice about throwing his own kids under the bus should his liberty be threatened. Monsters, the lot of them.

    1. @Flame Gator i know …. starting with 45 all the way down to gaetz…stubborn little pos, there comes a moment where you just have to bitchslap them back to reality. that moment is approaching sooner than they know.

    2. @Lewis Fraser Just tell them the election wasn’t stolen from them. That’ll be sure to set them off.

  3. This guy never stops with the whole “love affair” thing. Talking a couples times isn’t a love affair. What his wife’s doing with Tyrone every night might be a different story….

    1. 45 admitted it on video, and i quote “we fell in loooove” unquote
      …you believe everything he says don’t you?
      it’s as true as the fact (lie) that he’s a billionaire.

    ……there’s simply no denying it took place.
    it’s on video in his own words… LOL

  5. It’s amazing how rested all of you on the news are now.
    No more stress line’s across your face. What a difference one person make’s in today’s world.

  6. “And then we fell in love, OK? No, really, he wrote me beautiful letters, and they’re great letters. We fell in love.” Donald Trump

  7. Trump to Kim Jong-un: “I hear daddy shot a 38 under at golf. Did you know I’m club champion at all my 17 golf courses? You are a great leader like me and I love your hair, mines all natural. Now about these missiles, I’m going to say you have agreed to stop, my people believe anything I say.”

  8. What’s with the new 20 second tail at the end of every video now? All it does is make people click away.

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