‘Potato chips saved my life’: Boulder shooting witness describes terrifying ordeal

Ryan Borowski explains why he says buying potato chips over ice cream likely saved his life, and describes his terrifying escape.

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  1. If someone has a gun pointed at you, the last thing you wanna do is stand still. Either run or tackle. Fight or Flight.

    1. Hope u have a better acting coach than this guy lol …or nose ring girl, you know ‘semi-automatic’ girl lol

    1. Yes very funny he got his foods mixed up. I am sure if you were going through his thought process of the incident you would do much better

    2. @Rhonda Columbos Not even the point halfwit, he was applying that not going down the ice cream isle is what saved his live, beacuse seconds later the ‘shooter started his shooting there.

    3. @Robert Juzefski Sorry! You should re read what you said. It did not come across the right way!

    1. Artificially pumped stock market it’s all going to crash , same with the dollar buy precious metals while you still can

  2. Dumb question she posed about his mindset toward his community without even knowing the motive….she is suggesting Colorado isn’t a safe place. This is earth, safety is null and void once you step out the door, no matter where you live in the world!

    1. Right!! Also I thought Boulder had already had a mas shooting in the past? Was that not where the movie theater shooting was when Dark Knight came out?

  3. The reporter was so empathetic throughout his storytelling. A more compassionate way of storytelling.

    1. @Dirk Diggler That’s sad. It takes away our ammendment rights. In gun free zones, only those with bad intentions have the advantage.

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