Toronto doctor shares images of lungs to show how COVID-19 is ‘brutalizing’ young people

A Toronto emergency room physician is sharing images of lungs filled with fluid to show the devastating toll COVID-19 is taking on some young people.

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  1. It’s Mike Tyson’s favourite tv personality, the guy known for ambush journalism. Still shilling I see.

  2. A random picture and a random catchphrase “variant”. Hey “Doctor” your epidermis is showing. Do you know what that is?

    1. From The Simpsons lol, when Bart fell out of the tree and couldn’t use his swimming pool all summer.

  3. Why an emergency-room doctor? Why not interview a pulmonary (lung) specialist? …. A friend of mine has partial use of a lung. It collapsed during a serious FLU, years ago. The X-ray does NOT prove COVID-19.

  4. Absolute 🐂💩.
    Anyone under 50 years old has a 99.899% of natural survivability.
    LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!

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