Potential ISIS Security Threat to Kabul Airport, Americans Cautioned To Stay Away 1

Potential ISIS Security Threat to Kabul Airport, Americans Cautioned To Stay Away


American citizens in Afghanistan were cautioned not to travel to Kabul's airport because of "potential security threats" as Taliban leaders arrive in the region to form a new government.  » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Potential ISIS Security Threat to Kabul Airport, Americans Cautioned To Stay Away


  1. It was pretty obvious from the start that this would be an issue at some point. It’s why vetting is so important.

    1. @Tom Mangialino Yes, too bad that the Trump administration, thanks to Steven Miller, limited processing of Visas (SIV program) for Afghan interpreters and that even once Biden was in power the Republicans voted against speeding up the processing of Visas for the Afghanis.

  2. OMG this is getting worse by the minute. I sure hope we have additional troops and air support at the ready in a nearby country.

    1. @B. T. Too bad the Holy Pope cannot annul those things . Too dirty to handle. The Vatican is going through a continuous bank scandal, too, to keep busy with.

    2. Potato head Joe owns this. Time to send in Crackhead Hunter to rescue the 40,000 Americans trapped behind enemy lines. He’s expendable

    3. @Facts matter
      Another balding old Canadian who with his new account is going to copy paste his brains out on a sunny Saturday.

    4. @B. T.
      The trolls are out en mass on this one.
      International crowd, not just Russian and the odd Asian. It’s interesting .

    5. @Facts matter “THIS” is merely a drop in the ocean after the invasion of Iraq, resulting in disruption in the whole Middle East, giving allies a taste of what is to come…..climate change denial with splitting with over a hundred nations on Paris Treaty, Iran now “free” to advance with nuclear bomb, adding that the US is not trustworthy as an excuse to move forward with its campaign. Look at the “whole” picture if you dare ,….or stay in denial mode.

    1. The US illegally invaded their country, overthrew and tried to install a puppet government that obv failed, killed tens of thousands of civilians over the 20 year OCCUPATION from our INVASION forces, and you think that THEY’RE the terrorists??? If nothing else, the US military is the largest terrorist organization on the planet considering how air raids, bombings, etc etc, are used for political purposes.

    2. @Asian Stifler or we were just king of the hill……for 100 years but looks like that’s coming to a end

  3. The situation is “fluid and dynamic ” are pretty words trying to cover up the dangerous chaos of the situation.

    1. @Facts matter no. TR45H made a deal with the Taliban. president Biden would have never attempted to negotiate with them. No sane president would.

    2. @Sarah F. 4.2 The ‘deal’ signed between Trump and the Taliban was to have a ‘reconciliation plan’ in place with 2500 troops remaining to guarantee a safe exit guaranteeing ALL Americans be removed in a peaceful transition of government. Unless those Conditions were met, Trumps deal said we were NOT leaving Afghanistan.

      President Trump’s deal was exactly like Ronald Reagan’s deals. Peace through strength. No negotiating until all conditions are met.

      Joe Biden did not follow through on President trumps deal.
      He cut and ran and left 40,000 Americans to die and be slaughtered by Taliban terrorists .

      Leon Panetta, who was Barack Obama’s secretary of defence and CIA director, told CNN: “I think of John Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs. It unfolded quickly and the president thought that everything would be fine. And that was NOT the case.”

    3. @B. T. He has the lowest unemployment in this country, The lowest unemployment for blacks, hispanics and Asian. He donated his presidential pay To charity Obama asked for a raise. Those are facts, every number used to judge a president was better under Trump….sad

    4. @John Carter First, there’s no merit whatsoever in a billionaire donating his salary to charity, and second, presidents are not just judged by numbers.

  4. 0:44 They had people waiting 10 hours for a plane and it’s on a non American media site lol. Maybe 2,000 people at most left in 24 hours

    1. I was wondering how long it would take the mercenary contractors to hire some terrorists to create a cassis belli so they can get their contracts renewed.

  5. I’ve been wondering how long it was going to take before the start sending in undercover agents and possible armed jihadist’s to suicide bomb the civilians waiting for days

    1. Sen. Steve Daines demanded accountability for the $82 billion in U.S. military equipment left by Joe Biden to the Taliban

    2. @Masonic Puppet ah, finally someone else in the comments that’s onto this! Think people, think! This is an obvious false flag operation to create an excuse for the failure to evacuate the people who fought for America. ISIS etc have no intention of doing anything to get in the way of the coverage of the humiliation of America’s failed withdrawal

    3. I guess Taliban releasing prisoners as they moved along and took territory, many being isis fighters, probably isn’t doing any favors. Yes, let’s release some of the biggest sociopaths, what could go wrong.

    1. Even though ISIS & all the rest have already proven that they’re smart enough to keep out of the way when America’s in the process of failing & making a fool of itself (like it is right now with the evacuation of those that helped her)

  6. Forget the airport, go reclaim some of those HUMVEES and APACHE helicopters. That way you can drive & fly through Pakistan to India. And bring those armaments, that were left behind , with you. You can defend yourselves on your journey.

    1. It was secret before but it just came out that military is flying helicopters out to pickup people in remote areas.

  7. This is a smart way to fund and build a army. Use other people’s money and weapons then show them the door. And they don’t even say thank you.

    1. @Val Syaranamual After Trump, the damage is done . Just what he wanted. And Putin, too . Distrust in govt., even among Americans.

    2. Trump got something on the side off his pullout deal because the country got NOTHING. Do you realize the concessions we could have put on them for a gradual pullout. We didn’t get anything. Mr. Art of the Steal

    3. @Chino T. Trump created as much chaos as possible just before leaving DC. Declared fraud on everything except his precious “GENIUS”. Putin is never far behind; like Bush, Putin worked with the “spies”, remember .

    4. @Paul Bat
      That’s it exactly. Agent Orange started deliberately sabotaging this administration the minute he realized he lost. They’ve been waiting until Biden’s honeymoon period was over to blame whatever calamity happened first, on Biden entirely.

    1. The people of Afghanistan were targets, and not just by NATO allies. When one of them hit back after decades of invasions, it was unacceptable.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Trumps ‘deal’ with the Taliban –
      US withdrawing all combat forces from Afghanistan by May of this year, the Taliban denying safe haven to terror groups, the release of up to 5,000 Taliban prisoners in exchange for 1,000 Afghan security forces held by the Taliban, and the beginning of comprehensive peace negotiations between the Taliban and the Western-backed Afghan government.

      The Trump ‘deal’ has resulted in the fact that the US “has not suffered a single combat casualty” in Afghanistan in 18 months.

      However, when Biden took office in January, he VIOLATED the agreement by announcing that US forces would remain in Afghanistan past the May 1 deadline “without a clear reason for doing so.”

      It was now up to Joe Biden to facilitate the deal since he was now President, Joe Biden had no plan to transport the billions of dollars worth of American equipment recently captured by the Taliban, or evacuate the thousands of Americans now scrambling to escape Kabul, or facilitate the regional resettlement of the thousands of Afghan refugees who will now be seeking asylum in the U.S. with little or no vetting.

      Joe Biden didn’t want to appear to be abiding by the terms of a deal negotiated by his predecessor Donald J Trump.

      And because of his hatred for Trump, potato head Biden VIOLATED the Trump deal and cut and ran causing the largest foreign policy disaster in American history.

      As a result, 40,000 American hostages will now be slaughtered by Taliban terrorists thanks to potato head Biden
      “No more America first”
      -Joe Biden

    3. @Honest Landru not our fault their own people refuse to fight for their freedom, people and land! I wouldn’t be surprised if half of them have gone to fight with the talibán.
      This mess right now is because they refused to fight and literally gave the taliban everything the US had giving to their military for them to fight. Anything they could have wanted to fight they had and they still rolled over.
      They are also to blame for this complete and total mayhem going on !

  8. The correct way to withdraw troops in the following order:
    – Evacuated the civilians first
    – Remove the military equipment second
    – Withdraw the troops third

    1. @wade stanton Every war is different. In this particular war the Taliban would have agreed to our terms of withdrawal if it meant they could gain full control of Afghanistan after we left. That was all they wanted. But at the same time they would have needed to hold back until our withdrawal was complete. The only way to make them hold back was to keep our troops in place until all the civilians were evacuated. No matter how you look at it, we should have NEVER started pulling the troops out before evacuating the civilians first and everyone knows that. That was a huge mistake. Now there’s the possibility of civilians getting killed or taken hostage. Keep in mind there are people in the Taliban who operate with their own agenda

    2. This is no mistake it’s just his style

      Everything he touches turns to sh!t

      Ever notice how he’s always squinting ? that’s a sign of lying

    3. @K. Lindsey there’s the possibility of civilians getting killed every time a drone flies over afghanistan territory.

    4. @William Diaz what does Trump have to do with this? Biden has undone everything Trump did for our country.

  9. Who didn’t see this coming there sitting ducks . All in one place with the talban controlled area isis is there and they now have the upper hand

    1. @Me Here Israel is our alli. Those terrorists better watch their backs is all Iam saying. Israel isn’t that far away.

    2. I’m simply saying that with all this chaos it’s would be hard to tell isis fighters from talban fighters . This whole thing is a mess .

    3. @Traci Schmidt They’re not terrorists & they don’t even exist, it’s just a figment of America’s imagination, the boogy man resurrected as an excuse for failure

  10. To the Trump followers: him and Pompeo made and agreement in 2020 that troops will leave by May. He also arranged for 5000 Taliban prisioners to be free….YES, maybe he should had done this evacuation on its right time..and Biden Shouldn’t have to deal with a break of arrangement from Taliban…
    Yes evacuation should had being better under Biden…maybe he should had follow Trump NO PLAN!
    Only people and soldiers are the ones suffering the whole debacle!
    Let’s pray for them to evacuate ASAP…

    1. Pathetic. To believe this is trumps fault. Yes it was time to leave but the plan was for American to get out first. That’s. Fact. They delayed everything that ok also. But a president says military stays till American s get out that s it. All Biden’s fault zero trumps. Biden is president not trump , Trump closed the border but Biden open the borders just to be opposite so did he listen to Trump there no bit at all. Trump wanted is out that was everybody s plan. But common sense people then Military. Biden extended past may didn’t he. Yes all by himself. So he could keep extending till people got out be a leader put foot down now Taliban has weapons and out border is open

    2. Losers. Stop it This has zero to do with trump you the last of 1,000 people in usa willing to say it even cnn said it

  11. Msnbc needs to hire fact checkers who actually hold Dems accountable. At least CNN has had one to deal with Biden’s non-stop assault on truth this week.
    It was nice to actually see guests completely wreck the lefty narrative on the network for this entire week for the first time in years.


    2. Joe said there was no problem getting to the airport that he knew if just yesterday. Politics needs to be put aside, we should insist that this administration be impeached for incompetence.

  12. Must be the russians and trump’s fault, we the left are impeccable and are blunder free……build it back better.

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