1. yup we were already short staffed and the the mandates hit and then they bragged how they let go 60,000+ doctors go

    2. They themselves decided not to follow those mandates. Those are not nurses “lost”, but they resigned themselves in protest over basic healthcare measures that they normally would be required to take in a highly infectious disease anyways.

      In my view, those “nurses” decided to quit because of how dangerous their job suddenly became, not because the government decided they needed the basic protection they were always going to need anyways.

    3. @Mr Kang WHY ARE YOU YELLING.

      You’re right I don’t want a nurse that doesn’t believe in science. I want a nurse that understands that these jabborinos have absolute negative effects on the human body and to treat me like an individual and not as a collective group.

      So yeah I agree the anti science nurses should get their boosters and sit down. They had 2 years. Their opinions are now officially moot.

  1. This from the Ford guy who repeatedly fails to spend his budgeted amount on Ontario Healthcare. It is just not a priority for the Ford Government it seems.

    1. @G.C. If we didn’t have the mandates when we needed them…. the whining we have over the health care would be 1000 X what it is.
      You can count on that.
      We realized WITH half assed efforts to combat germs that the health care system sucked.
      If only we had used PROPER germ control.

  2. Canada has worse health care system among G 7 and many other countries especially in regard of waiting period.

  3. Maybe get rid of these CEO’s and directors , board of governors that eat up all the funding given to hospitals. How much of the funding actually ends up on the ground floor towards patient care and real solutions? Toward the doctors and nurses and radiologist?

    1. That’s a drop in the bucket , we need a minimum 10% permanent increase in funding , not just for wages but mainly for recruitment expansion of services . The population is getting older and society is less healthy than ever . Dare I say it we need a health tax to pay for our healrh

  4. I know its hard but nurses should stay out. the longer you stay out the more money they loose and for these hospitals with unrealistic mandates thats all they care about.. MONEY

  5. So little Dougies measure of success is percentage of patients seeing doctors? 🙄
    Doesn’t care how many hours those patients have to wait or how overworked and exhausted the staff is.
    This is definitely a recipe for success 🙄

  6. They always want growth and revenue and taxes that come with it but never update the infrastructure required. But that’s ok there’s TONS of $$ for supporting other foreign countries.

    1. What government spending are you prepared to give up in exchange? The government already has spent far more than it took in.

  7. Maybe ford could use some of that billion dollars he got to roll out the covid app that already existed

  8. Money don’t grows on trees. The health care situation is the same in whole Canada., in QC is worst than ON This is the fault of federal government, who believed that pandemy will last forever and threw billions of dollars on vax passes that last few month, lock downs and other measures that badly hurt the economy, instead of investing in heath care. The best think is that internationally trained doctors and nurses to be integrate rapidly in the Canadian system. I grew up in Europe where is 2 tiers health care system , and dr and nurses don’t have the same salaries as here, but the system is way much better. The Canadian Health care system was overwhelmed and underfunded way before pandemic, Time for major reforms.

  9. What’s so hard to understand here? We pay some of the highest taxes in the world. This is in part due to “free” health care. Instead of allocating the money collected through taxation into health care. They have been lining their pockets with it. Don’t overcomplicate things. We pay more than enough for quality health care. We’re not getting it because we are being ripped off. Plain and simple.

  10. The short staffing has been chronic for nearly 3 years. And the job has only gotten harder over these 3 years because of continually losing experienced and veteran staff. Oh and the mandates…

    I work as a mental health therapist at a kid’s hospital. I wonder if JT will ever take accountability for how his pandemic policies poured fuel on the fire that is the youth mental crisis? It stated in 2013 and is so much worse now. We’re trying to deal with that amidst chronic staff burnout and low morale. It’s super reassuring when you have a federal gov’t that only makes the crisis worse and yet doesn’t even address it or take accountability.

    We’ve been overcapacity for nearly 3 years. It’s bad for all the different age groups, but the youth mental health crisis is particularly worrying since they are more vulnerable and are literally our future. When will the news start talking about the huge increase in suicide attempts, overdoses, severe eating disorders, psychosis, which are the most common admissions we see?

  11. Try lowering income taxes to attract and retain talent across the board. Maybe nurses and doctors won’t keep moving to Florida where they pay a fraction of tax.

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