FULL: Final Conservative leadership debate from Aug. 3

FULL: Final Conservative leadership debate from Aug. 3 1


  1. Let’s be honest – the only person we’re interested in, doesn’t even bother going to these stupid debates. That’s part of his appeal.

    1. Especially since so many votes were already cast – what was even the point of the debate? Not like you could change your mind even if you could be swayed.

    2. True I bought my membership because of Pierre and as soon as my ballet arrived I picked him and mailed it back…..The debate was a 75% waste of time Pierre and Leslyn had the right idea….

  2. LOL candidates? Perhaps by the formal definition. However, none of the three that appeared have even the slightest chance of winning. Get real.

  3. We all know who’s going to win. Let’s get this gong show over with and get on to getting this country back on track.

  4. Did we all know that the presence of moss is even more effective than trees, we should create tree and moss gardens

  5. Methinks everybody loves a circus but this sideshow no doubt caused many folks to change the channel before they fell asleep like I did N’esy Pas?

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