Pres. Trump Cancels Florida RNC Events Amid Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Trump won’t find too many states that want a super spreader event in one of their cities. Trump’s sudden concern for the public’s safety would have been a godsend in January.

    1. @john emeigh By the way, why are hospitalizations massively increasing mostly in republican states? If rioters were getting covid19 without being tested for it, there would still be a spike in hospitalizations. Where are those hospitalization spikes in democratic controlled states?

    2. @Amelia Kittie Rioters payments come from George Soros and Tom Steyer. The balance of your invective is verbal abuse and your a shrieking harp. “I have a right to sing, to vote, to choose… anyway I want…any ole time.” Iggy POP. Don’t you hate that First Amendment?

    3. ​@john emeigh Changing the subject to George Soros, the boogeyman for Republicans with paranoid fantasies and mental conditions? You still haven’t answered the first question, little coward. If you want to blame rioters for the virus’ spread, why is the spread happening most in Arizona and Florida, not states with the most protests or riots? Would be a simple question for a truthful human being.

    1. Half of them will be out of state republicans using their summer residence to illegally vote there, just like Trump, so ya.

    2. MSNBC is a JOKE… It’s the “Get Trump” channel, it’s all they do… Hate on Trump….

  2. Trump: Coronavirus makes prison too dangerous for my pal Roger Stone, and makes the RNC convention too dangerous.
    also Trump: I don’t care if all the school kids bring disease home to their parents.

    1. @john emeigh Actually a judge ordered Cohen released as his jailing had been an act of retaliation for planning to release a book that was critical of trump. Try and keep up.

    2. @ocean buoy You are correct. A judge isn’t supposed to be political. His terms of release were previously violated and he was re-arrested. Terms of release can be vey strict. He probably has a gag order and if the book is sold, he’ll probably have to give up the profits. Sorry. I wasn’t keeping up with a tax cheat and a liar, nobody.

    3. Canceled because no big donors wanted to pay for another event. Plus I am sure all the vendors wanted cash upfront.

    1. His agreement to host the Republican Convention in the middle of a pandemic should have been the proof Florida needed that De Santis doesn’t give a $h!t about our health and safety

    2. Denis if he doesn’t i would think they could petition a recall vote. That also would be nice to use on Criminal in Chief Trump now.

  3. He cancels RNC but yet it is okay to send children too school. If not safe for trump. Then it is not safe to open schools. Do not put your children at risk.

    1. @Karen Gordon your funny!….i know,nothing like that could ever happen in your neighborhood or town

    2. @Randy Simmons You people are like a broken record. You guys are still talking about “fake dossiers” and James Comey. Now your rebuttal to everything is rioters and looters. Which really aren’t a thing right now. The RNC couldn’t afford security PERIOD. Not because they anticipated riots. Trump would have loved it if it were the case, and would have definitely told us by now. The fact is, Trump can’t draw a crowd anymore, and blew a lot of money backing out of North Carolina. So, you enjoy his forgettable virtual speech that only the dedicated few will listen to, instead of a convention.

    3. @The Dark Lord Satan doesnt look like sports will be drawing a crowd either…the only thing drawing a crowd is looting,burning and criminal activity

    4. AlexYounger unfortunately it was full enough to spike our numbers in Tulsa and throughout the state. There are a lot of people with co-morbidities here, too. 😢.

    1. @DrPommels Wow, that’s tellin’ ’em! You’ve cited a lot of good information. Most of us knew that Dotard’s numbers are skewed but this is a very precise look at the big picture. It exposes a lot of lies perpetuated by the Dotard. One question: Do you actually think @Pam Deshane and others like her, would understand what you’ve reported? I have the opinion that most of them will stop half-way through because they don’t understand, or are willingly ignorant and don’t want to “think” otherwise.

    2. @Jasmine Doull Then there’s Betsy DeSchnozz. She never attended public school. You can easily notice that from all her spelling mistakes, Secretary of Education, indeed! Her children never attended public school. Her mission is to get rid of all public schools, fund religious schools, and convert the kids. Read in news article and the media news. She had never set foot in a public school until she was appointed to her current position. Is it any wonder that she’s in lock step with the Dotard?

    3. @Karen Gordon I think the most likely outcome is what you said, willful ignorance leading to ignoring the information. But I still hold out hope! There is nothing like presenting the actual data, it cuts through the lies and bluster. I watched with amazemnt as the President made multiple claims about the death rate. I looked up his source…. it is just not a serious way of looking at the pandemic. Yes, we have performed close to 50M tests, which means that our death rate per test performed is very low… But that doesnt change the fact that we have far more cases than any other country, far more deaths than any other country, and are in the top 11 worst for death rate by any reasonable standard. This is not by chance. Look at South Korea and Italy. In early March they were worse off than we were. They didnt get any special info from China, they took drastic and strong action. On the same day Trump went on Hannity to tell people with the virus they could get better by going back to work (yes, he said that) SK ID’ed their 3rd “Special Care Zone” effectively walling off a section of city entirely to suppress an outbreak. They had installed thermal imaging in most public gathering areas and they had actually shut down travel. The travel restriction Trump wants credit for was only applied to Chinese nationals. He didnt stop any flights from China. Today, SK has had less than 15k cases and 1k deaths. We are roughly 6x their size. If Trump had done equally well, we would be looking at 90k cases and 6k dead…. We are at 4M cases and 145k dead. Even someone blindly faithful to Trump cannot avoid those statistics…

    4. @DrPommels I sincerely believe that the number of deaths and cases are more than what’s being reported. In fact, he has disallowed many institutions from making their numbers public. That’s fairly recent. Yes, I remember him saying that people should go back to work. At the same time he said that some people can sit on their couch, at home, and get better. In disbelief I also watched him say that he didn’t want the people on the cruise ship to disembark because that would increase “his numbers”. Better to leave them sit there and die than to ruin his numbers. It’s amazing to me that someone could even think that let alone broadcast it. All the numbers and statistics he cites are very presumptuous for a guy who knows nothing about the disease and knew even less then, assuming he’s learned more since then. Trump lies to his fellow Republicans constantly about everything, including the ravages of the disease in the US, as compared with the rest of the world. Whatever he wants to believe is ingrained in his brain and becomes the truth. He then repeats that truth to all his followers, who take his word for everything. Around and around we go.

  4. Why is he using briefing time paid by the people to talk about his personal activities like his campaign?

    1. He can’t do rallies anymore so now you get more BS from “Don the Con” with no Fauci or Birx!

    2. Doug Schaufele no Fauci or Birx or Pence ….wait wasn’t he suppose to be in charge of these briefings on the virus? What a shitshow.

    3. Donald tDUMP is corrupt. He was accused of asking the UK ambassador Woody Johnson to transfer the British Open to his resort Turnberry Golf Course.He was accused of asking the G7 to be held in his Florida resort. Donald tDUMP promised to drain the swamp , that swamp is now an ocean full of piranhas and crocs.

    1. @Awolfe Canada
      Not because people died.
      Because the attendance was a joke and it became a running joke in the news cycles for several days following it.
      You think he cares about people dying or getting sick (even if those people are people who work for his campaign or the Secret Service)?
      He only cares about ratings and how things make him look.

    2. Donald tDUMP cancelled the rally because of the LOW TURNOUT , not because he want to protect Americans.

  5. When Trump says somebody said to him “Sir” its nothing more then an ego stroke, and probably a lie!

    1. It’s almost always a lie, it’s a “tell”, like the accordion hands. Come to think of it, he’s told over 20,000 while president and Mary Trump said he loves to lie, it’s fun for him.

    2. It reminds me of a comment Homer Simpson made “That’s the first time anyone called me sir without saying you’re making a scene”

    1. His cultists will believe him and say, it is very thoughtful of him. Even those who gathered at his recent events.

    2. The CONVENTION WAS CANCELLED BECAUSE…THE LOCAL SHERIFF – who is a Trump supporter- told the Campaign that they needed so many secret service people, etc.. they couldn’t afford it without help. So the Campaign went to the Koch bros, etc .. ( THE MONEY) and they DID NOT WANT to write a check for him. THATS WHY THE CONVENTION WAS CANCELLED. David.. I know this from someone who is inside.. it coincides with how Trump “ changed his tone.” They don’t believe he will win. Trust me .. I’m still going to vote and not for him. I thought you might find the “ behind the scenes “ info interesting.

    3. @godZilla Cat I agree! The only thing you didn’t mention was low number of attendees, another Tulsa rally size.

    4. @godZilla Cat Thanks!
      Help me here:
      1. Do the Koch’s still support Trump?
      2. Didn’t one of them die?

  6. Ironic how Traitor Trump cancels the convention to protect his ppl but still wants to open all schools in the same area w/o regard to ours.

    1. Not really ironic–….The asshat “thinks” in a bizarro world and doesn’t recognize the truth if it slapped the orange off his face! lol! #staysafe


  7. “I have to protect the American people, that’s what I’ve always done”. Really? Maybe in an alternate universe he has, but not here on earth.

    1. @Thomas Young That’s not good enough. Him and his entire Crooked family needs to disappear in Prison. Criminal Trump, you and Jr. And Jarrod and Ivanka better learn to sing “THE BLUES”!

    2. @Thomas Young”… Into Prison….” Along with Mitch McConnell and the McConnell Controlled GOP, Attorney General William Barr AND Their Self Enriching ENABLERS. VOTE Trump/McConnell and the 22 McConnell Controlled GOP Senators Up For Re-election OUT OFFICE On
      November 03, 2020.
      And Demand Action. Full PUBLIC Funding for ALL American Elections.

    3. “Also, I’m sending my private police to crack some heads and make some arrests in Chicago!”

  8. tRump lackey: “Everyone in the country would have died without you, sir!”
    tRump: “Why don’t people realize this, which many people are saying?”
    tRump lackey: “It’s all Hillary’s fault, sir!”

    1. The Clintons are in cahoots with George Soros to make Trump look bad. Like Trump needs any help at looking bad.

  9. He can cancel his RNC event because of Covid-19 fears but he’s comfortable sending kids to school? Yeah, not!

  10. Since when does he “protect” Americans?? He protects and defends Putin and his syncophants, but that’s it.

    1. He’s somewhat capitulating on the Coronavirus so that he can focus on a narrative he can control: a US civil war. I mean, seriously, he keeps linking the two to keep you focused on the “evil” of protestors.

    2. Donald tDUMP “I’m here to protect Americans.”
      Really Donald??? There’s 144,000 Americans dead because of your INCOMPETENCE INEPTITUDE AND LACK OF LEADERSHIP.

  11. Trump has followed Biden’s lead on masks, now conventions.
    *Biden is a leader, Trump a follower.* 😂😂

    1. Trump is trying to be more “Bidenlike”. His hair is more gray, his skin is less orange. He’s acknowledging that the virus exists. He going out of his way to film himself in a mask. He tempering down some of his rants. As Biden polll numbers rise, Trump is trying to steal some of the features that are causing this. Hoping to win more approval. Hey, it isn’t gonna work, Trump. Wonder if niece Mary’s book is making for a change in his behavior

    2. MSNBC is a JOKE… It’s the “Get Trump” channel, it’s all they do… Hate on Trump….

    1. All the liberals in an area should go to a Rally, go in and shout “Wanker” all night! Its obscure enough to get under the Radar but every Brit in the World would be in hysterics.

    1. It’s more or less well acknowledged and accepted now that any time he’s re-telling a story of something he claims happened, and he uses the word “sir” (as in someone said to him “Sir,….”) you know that he’s telling a lie.
      It’s one of his biggest ‘tells’.

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