President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet in Geneva | USA TODAY 1

President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet in Geneva | USA TODAY


President Joe Biden and Russian leader Vladimir Putin to meet in Geneva, Switzerland, amid tensions


President Joe Biden on Sunday said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s openness to swap cyber criminals with the U.S. is “potentially a good sign of progress.”

But Biden was not saying he’s going to exchange such criminals with Russia, the president’s national security adviser later clarified.

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  1. I wonder how many times they`ll have to change Biden`s diaper while this meeting takes place!!!!!

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  2. America is behind you Mr. President! President Putin that is, we don’t support that other illegitimate clown!!

  3. All the protection Joe needs here against the wall for his country …. USA joke president

  4. While Putin is talking to Biden Russian planes are caught near Hawaii, USA. Putin is way a head of the stumbling Biden. The only thing Biden wants is a plane trip home to bed, with warm milk.

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