President Biden Could Meet With President Putin In Geneva In June 1

President Biden Could Meet With President Putin In Geneva In June


White House officials told NBC News that President Biden could meet with Russian President Putin in Geneva, Switzerland, as early as June while the president is in Europe for the G7 and NATO summits in the U.K. and Brussels. NBC News’ Geoff Bennet reports from the White House. 

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President Biden Could Meet With President Putin In Geneva In June


    1. @Johnathan Doehead I can’t tell if the is sarcasm or brainwashed ignorance “we are in the worst pandemic in human history”

    2. @James Smith FYI… He did not have the required permission from Congress to fire those missles. That made him a Criminal. Learn the law before embarrassing your parents.

    3. @Johnathan Doehead “I believe in science” – is an oxymoron. One “believes” in religion. Science is not something to be believed, it is something to be questioned and proved and questioned again.
      “I study science” “I practice the scientific method” those are correct statements regarding an affinity to science.
      “I believe in science” – is theology and can lead to ridiculous brainwashing and sheepishness. For example “we are in the worst pandemic in human history” – that statement is neither scientifically nor historically accurate.

  1. Why? Has Putin decided to get all warm and fluffy and to stop murdering people for disagreeing with him?

    1. He’s gonna help the Biden’s with some loose ends in exchange for some of Hunter’s energy expertise

    2. @Tessmage Tessera Stalin and Hitler never went to prison either, but ghandi and Mandela did. We know who went to prison under the ’94 crime bill and it wasn’t Hunter. I get how prisons and political persecutions work. What I’m trying to understand is how they get the masses to celebrate them. Please continue with your explanation.

    3. @John Dough Do you know who DID go to prison..? John Gotti. Harvey Weinstein. Jeffrey Epstein. If they can go to prison, then so can Trump. BTW, Hitler didn’t go to prison because he blew his own brains out. You might wanna pick a better example.

    4. @Tessmage Tessera Hitler didn’t blow his brains out till a decade after his inauguration and the Reichstag fire. The Demokkkrats used the “insurrection” as the Reichstag fire to lock up the political opposition, same as Hitler. Hitler is the perfect example he arrested all the political opposition, even though we can all agree he was the true criminal. Demokkkrats have arrested hundreds of political organizers even though we all know Joe and Hunter are the real criminals.

  2. This is what we need my friends. A reasonable give and take conversation where both sides can air their grievances and come to some beneficial agreement for both parties resulting in a better political tone for all.

    1. @Biden’s Brain Putin builds palaces. President Biden builds infrastructure. Volodia, time for your krokodil

    2. @Sarah F. 4.1 Your use of emojis is so classy. Nahhh. But hark I don’t see any god damning crockidillios round’ Lol

    3. @Sophia Regina Immortalis ᚱᚪᚠᛖᚾᚾᚪ krokodil is a drug much like meth. It is a problem in Russia. I was responding to a Russian misinformation account.

  3. Watch bidens white house release transcripts of his talk with putin. Watch it be a public event and will be televised. Like a real man, who has nothing to hide.

    1. Biden is denial any fool can see he’s not all there, why do the mainstream media try to convince us otherwise.

  4. Wouldn’t “president” Putin imply elections without jailing opposition alternatives, and free elections? (Not the imaginary issues Trump raises, the real ones Putin does term after term…

    1. i cant believe they just called him president ……its world know putan is a murdering dictator. cnn should choose there words a bit more carefully. this will come back to bite them, and actually hurt democracy. that mans a lying murdering sociopath, he doesnt even believe in presidents. but they thought hey views and clicks, if we call him that we get more of them.

  5. Hey Joe, don’t eat or drink anything while you’re there, and don’t let anybody pat you on the shoulder or the arm. Mmmaybe don’t shake anyone’s hand either. Maybe don’t breathe if you can help it.

  6. Big Guy will meet Putin to collect his 10% after giving Russia two thumbs up so they can build their pipeline.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.1 His attack didn’t work? I mean no insult or offense but have you been paying attention. The Republican party has become the party of Trump. With every thing from January 6th, all the phoney recounts to members of Congress being in genuine fear for their lives I’d say Putin has succeeded marvelously.

  7. I hope that President Biden brings his own food and beverages and definitely does not accept any type of garment from Vlad the bad.

    SERGEANT Robert Justin alford green where is my two daughters karee and Jahmela and their 7 children and what have you done to them and what are your plans for my children and grandchildren.

  9. We’d better hope Biden has his aides at the meeting. Otherwise, Putin will come out of that “negotiation” with Russia owning Alaska again or our part of Antartica. Your -in-Chief is such a disappointment and embarrassment to the world.

  10. Joe wants his 10% on that gas deal they made! See…they were friends all along. You fell for all that RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA nonsense

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