President Biden Delivers Remarks on Continued Drawdown Efforts in Afghanistan | USA TODAY 1

President Biden Delivers Remarks on Continued Drawdown Efforts in Afghanistan | USA TODAY


President Biden signs the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law marking the end of slavery in the United States, as a federal holiday.


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  1. Wion and Gravitas has shown us its true colors. It’s blatantly and obviously anti American smh

  2. They left vehicle and ammo for Afghan troops but they lost it and ran from the taliban so don’t be pointing ur fingers

  3. Show this to someone from the 50 or 60s they would laugh their asses off if you told him this guy will be president one day

  4. Note, Mays inflation % was 5.0 & June % is due out on July 13th watch it go unreported.

    1. One who wants terrorism and mass killing of the small, minority of afghan people who are not yet radicalized so we can have another reason to invade it

  5. so people who helped in afganastan need go through process , meanwhile how many walk across southern border??… there should be an outrage.

  6. You kept killing unnecessarily & viciously the Afghan People,I do not know if God will ever forgive you ;you will always be known as criminals.

  7. The only remark that matters is that we didn’t leave when we were supposed to. Just another Biden F up.

  8. Always the same. “I remember” is followed by a string of random incoherent statements about mixed events he never lived or plagiarized, then its “Well anyway” when he realizes hes lost, and last “here’s the deal” as he circles back to the approved teleprompter talking points.

    1. “bUT AtlEAST heS NOt TRUmppppp. NO onE Can DEFeaT mY LOgic” Just wanted to be the 1st to say the go to defense.

    2. @PMA nameless
      Yeah it’s astounding how effective the power Twatzis’ brainwashing campaign turned out to be.
      Stalin and Alinsky called them Useful Idiots for good reason.

  9. There is also a draw down going on in Biden’s head, his brain cells are leaving in droves.

  10. For the legal folks out there, what is a modus avendi? All I can google up close to that is a brand of men’s underwear. Said at about 17:50.

  11. China said get out of Afghanistan, and so we are. We don’t want another virus attack do we?

  12. Hardest question to answer in the USA TODAY ! NAME ONE THING JOE BIDEN has gotten right since he became PRESIDENT ! NAME IT !

  13. Worried he will not fullfil promise to bring translators and families to U.S. this should have already been a mass planned immigration. Instead, he lets 2M Cross Southern border without restriction.

  14. He doesn’t want to send a new generation there himself. He wants ANOTHER president to send them there cause we all know that’s what’s gonna happen

  15. OMG…. When he reads, …”I want to be clear…” it puts me in tears with laughter. Your “clear” days are over my friend.

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  16. If we had gotten out of Afghanistan 19 years the result would have been exactly the same as it is today. Except thousands of Americans and untold numbers of Afghans would still be alive and the taxpayer would have saved over 2 trillion dollars.

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