President Biden Hopes To Revive Vaccine Effort With Rules, Incentives 1

President Biden Hopes To Revive Vaccine Effort With Rules, Incentives


On Thursday, President Biden discussed new steps the White House plans to take to get more Americans vaccinated and slow the spread of coronavirus. The Morning Joe panel discusses Biden's remarks and how the virus is ravaging parts of the country.

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President Biden Hopes To Revive Vaccine Effort With Rules, Incentives


  1. I’d really like to know the political affiliation of those four “healthcare workers”. I have a strong suspicion what it might be.

    1. I’d bet my ballsack they’re all right-wingers. Not all republicans are antivaxers but all antivaxers are republicans.

    2. @AwesomeBlackDude
      If we want to survive as a people we all should take the vaccines. I will suggest to you to read up on Polio and other viruses.

  2. We have laws that put people in jail for intentionally giving someone AIDS. Your rights don’t trump my rights.

    1. Vaccinated people are just as likely to carry as non vaccinated. Plus you’re vaccinated why does it matter?

    2. @Casey Sager you do know hunter biden is invested in china’s national bank and their warhead research right? I know cnn doesn’t bring that up

  3. I just need to add that a lot of people are suicidal as well. Catching Covid might just be easier than slicing ones wrist.. Mental Illness is a very serious problem as well. js

    1. @A Dead Man Once said.. yes we knew this, not from the just in. I wasn’t saying that the vaccinated won’t spread it.

    2. @2510cp so what does whether your vaccinated or not matter? as you said(the virus has a 100 percent survival if it keeps spreading?)

    3. @Some Guy what are your thoughts on Hunter Biden’s investment in China’s National Bank and their warhead research development programs?

    4. @2510cp I could be confused about the context of your comment. I’m just curious..

  4. I hope these healthcare workers are fired. I don’t want any of these people caring for me or my family.

  5. Dumb people feel powerful for not knowing. They won’t pick up a book, but they feel they are smarter than doctors after reading some tweets.

    1. and dumb people feel proud for not knowing. they won’t pick up a book, but they feel they are contributing based on what politicians and media tell them is right

    2. @chiefgitsu look up—-> Health authority’s poor communication of individual risk factors for COVID (from Livestream #86)

      Would post the link but YouTube love to cockblock none corporated news links.

    3. @AwesomeBlackDude no thanks. but if you look up “toilet” in the dictionary, you might find yourself in it

  6. and these people went through schooling to be nurses i think we need to seriously make that training harder along with the tests this is what happens when trade schools promise they can make you a nurse in 3 months…..

  7. Maybe a little reverse psychology, tell the people not wanting the vaccine that only the rich can get the shot. There would be an uprising of people mad of the injustice

    1. @chiefgitsu “i think those who aren’t vaccinated are okay.”
      What gives you the right to make such a blanket statement? Are you a Dr. or a scientist? Do you study viruses? Are you a professor who teaches these things? Please tell us why you think you can make such a generalized statement on this topic?

    2. @chiefgitsu Well maybe people don’t want to put rat juice in their body who wants rats DNA in their bloodstream? Unless you want to become a wannabe vampire?

    3. @Wigit but wouldn’t a child have enough sense to ask what are the side effects? They’re folk reporting of memory losses and sore joints and breathing congestion.

  8. Since when does the military ask permission to vaccinate anyone? I got a list a mile long of vaccines I never asked for pumped into me

    1. @LuckyNumberNevan Requiring vaccines in america is nothing new.

      in 1902 they went door to door with the measles vaccine….but maybe they have a blanket for you.

    2. Your Face

      It’s in your enlistment contract. As a service member you will potentially have to go to foreign countries where diseases might prevail. Being protected as much as possible against the most common diseases makes good sense. A sick soldier, sailor, airman, marine, is not effective.

  9. Because you are working in health care or hospital industry; it doesn’t mean you are educated well enough. You can be an assistant nurse in 8 months online.
    Take your health advice from your doctor. And doctors can make mistakes as well.

    1. I had medical students in my virology and immunology classes at UCLA. If they weren’t going into internal medicine or research, they took the class pass/fail, and many just barely passed. So, I prefer to get my information from those with PhDs in those fields, not MDs, except internists. If you want better information, they’ve lowered the paywall for papers on pubmed. You can get the latest NIH information there. Or, if you want easier to digest information, listen to TWiV, This Week in Virology, where recognized research virologist discuss some of the more interesting papers.

    2. @Karla Harvey First, nothing in the vaccines was cultured in rat cells. Second, there is a difference between mRNA and DNA. If you don’t know it, you wouldn’t understand any answer someone might try and give you. But, similar vaccines were developed and tested against SARS in 2003, and so far, the only long term effects have been immunity against SARS.

    3. @Deborah Freedman nope your misleading people here’s the truth to much clearer for folks to understand the diff.

      “Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a single stranded RNA molecule that is complementary to one of the DNA strands of a gene.”

      In other words in Translation Rat Juice…

    4. @Deborah Freedman While we’re add it, there’s no mention in your post about long term side effects that can contribute risk factors in peoples’ health.

    5. @Thomie M Pryor III The risk factors has already estimated in United Kingdom about the base estimate of 20,000 D E A T H (to remove YouTube censorship). But in the United States our estimate is roughly around 5000 vaccinated D E A T H. Which actually means our government is suppressing the real estimate counts.

      National institutes of Health better know as the NIH won’t even allow their top medical scientists to review the fatal statistics of the FDA data package.

      You can’t even have discussion on alternative.

  10. Those 4 entitled Karens are the reason why Facebook is full of geniuses that don’t trust the science.

    1. I know you are being sarcastic saying “full of geniuses” but unfortunately there are a lot of people that will think you really mean it. people are that dumb these days it seems.


  11. To those health care providers: Then why did trump get the vaccine? Why did he ensure his family got their vaccine? Why did trump use taxpayer dollars to look for a cure?

    “Are they though? Are they though?” This coming from someone who is surely onboard with telling people what they should do based on her religion.

    1. Also, the short-term “side effects” of getting the vaccination are you (and your loved ones) will probably be around long enough for the long-term to be relevant.

    2. @Earvetta so you’re suggesting he shouldn’t have invested any taxes into it? Oh the left would’ve loved that. Good call. That would have been much better for us

  12. Joe going straight into us versus them talk. “We don’t have to eat at the same restaurants as them”. Wow

  13. Liberals listen to the man YOU voted for in record numbers!!! “By butts been wiped!”

  14. can you imagine what would happen if the base learned that all of their leaders got vaccinated?

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