President Biden on Asian American hate crimes: 'Hate can have no safe harbor in America' 1

President Biden on Asian American hate crimes: ‘Hate can have no safe harbor in America’


Biden: 'Hate can have no safe harbor in America'


President Biden spoke at Emory University in Atlanta to discuss the string of hate crimes against Asian Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. I’m really happy I live in the real world where race has nothing to do with anything and the character of a person is everything. If I listened to these fools I’d be very upset.

    1. In my later life I’ve got to understand an awesome and great republicans desires, Martin L. King. Much of his family follows his example!

    2. Wdym race has nothing to do with anything? It doesn’t influence every situation but it certainly can in some.

  2. That green screen is looking better these days. So, about that press conference…

    Still waiting.

  3. Unless of course you’re the one saying you’ll take someone behind the bleachers lmao this is pathetic.

    1. But hardcore BLM supporters can understand this. They’re too stubborn even if Asian hate is being more apparent.

  4. I love the Asian community. I am their friend and they are my friends as well.
    Come on people enough is enough already. Damn.

  5. The demented racist who picked a vp who made a living off of unjustly prosecuting “dark skinned” people, are telling you hate has no safe harbor.


  6. Remember when James Cameron had to invent the avatars just so they could put them down. The Democrats seemed a little confused in their racial division tactics. The Republican party doesn’t segregate.

  7. Biden: “you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

    This is the guy telling you not to be racist.

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