President Biden says Trump shouldn’t get intelligence briefings

President Biden says Trump shouldn't get intelligence briefings 1


    1. Knowing his EXTREMELY high IQ, he might try to sell the pictures as classified information to US enemies and then say to the media when questioned “Have you heard about my briefings? I get all the briefings. I get the best briefings.”

    2. When China takes your family Out AFTER you Realize Bidens NOT Your friend Dont go Whining Now..ok? Trump & his Crayons TRIED…Warning you

    1. Biden knows Intelligence are the ones who knows Israel put Biden in the office. Israel Control American politics and Economy, Education department. Why did Biden And Pelosi gave $350 Three Hundred fifty million dollars to Israel. Israel Economy is great. So maybe it was a paying off Israel putting Biden and Pelosi in the office. America give every year for more then 3 decades $38 billion dollars not Including military. When JFK Kennedy wanted to stop Israel on spying on us. Israel killed JFK Kennedy. Intelligence works for MOSSAD. Watch and see who is causing the real problem in the world. It’s definitely not Muslim countries.

    2. @midas mixuk obviously lasers on earth make black balloons go *pop* so lazer from space make dry forest go *crackle crackle* //s

    3. @midas mixuk they made up that she said it so they can discredit anyone who says that multiple countries including our own have laser weaponry that we use from time to time to cause fires so we can influence public opinion or expand infrastructure.

  1. He didn’t read the briefings or act on the advice of advisor that DID read them, when he was in office. We still don’t know what he told Putin, Xi or Kanye West… So, NO!! Trump shouldn’t be informed at all or by any means. He’s a loose cannon and his brain is not working on all 4 cylinders!!!

    1. @peaceandllov I thought he fell asleep for a second there. He needs his jello pudding snack then a nappy nappy. Hush wittle baby don’t you cry……

  2. He never cared about the information when he was in office! So hell no, give him a coloring book, like we give kids

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