President Biden signs executive order aimed at climate change | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden signed an executive order aimed at addressing the effect of the climate crisis and nature-based solutions to mark Earth Day.

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President Joe Biden marked Earth Day in Seattle on Friday by announcing new steps to make the nation’s forests more resilient against the threat of wildfires and climate change.

Using a city park with 300 acres of forest land as his backdrop, Biden signed an executive order that seeks to protect some of the nation’s largest and more mature trees, strengthen reforestation efforts and fight global deforestation.

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  1. Grandpa and Chief the inflation is at 8.5% and expected to hit double digits and you are focused on this?

  2. I forcone am glad that he is tackling the big issues that really hit home and most of us are worried about. Now if you’ll excuse me gas is on sale for 4.28 a gallon.

  3. _”when you can no longer get Americans to fight the Russians get em to fight the weather’_
    ~ Brandon

    1. His convoy is 85 cars….not 55. I think his convoy in rome was 85 cars, that’s where he talked about climate change.

  4. Every time I see “Biden signs etc” my heart skips a beat because I know something new is about to get screwed up

    1. Yeah man, FINALLY….out of all the problems crippling americans, protecting trees is the priority.

  5. President Biden, that’s great! Because of inflation and the economy has raised prices on everything, we the people need stimulus checks to stay afloat.

  6. I like when they say the word (billion) and (trillion) an unknown unseen number a person can’t count to 😂 👍

  7. Mr President America wants to thank you for making coal mining again the most profitable industry in America unimportant industry in America the new energy industry for America without you this will never happen you’ll always will have the vote of every coal miner and people who work in the cold industry

  8. Half of y’all are mentioning things that are superficial problems, he addressed an Earth problem. Do I praise him? No, but he’s not to blame for gas costs. I wish y’all would actually look into things

  9. Just how can everyone be so negative, someone tries to do the right thing and bam let’s destroy that, You want to blame Biden for inflation then explain how he is responsible for inflation worldwide, you want to explain why he is responsible for excessive fuel price rises worldwide (and just a point America has some of the lowest fuel prices in the world). Oh yes, the borders and how you great Christian peoples of America care for those escaping violence, looking for a safe life and work to support their families, oh and how the conservative Christian movement is fighting for the families trying to get across the border because they care so much for families. Are all the negative comments here the same people fighting against technological advancements and moving the country forward with the rest of the world in renewable energy for the creation of jobs and a future for your children, or are you like those that fought against the introduction of the horseless cart that you all seem to love so much now? Yes America does need better leadership, someone that will fight to remove money from politics, someone that will fight against corruption in politics, someone that will stand against religion in politics, someone that will fight to remove money or influence from lobby groups and the power to wright bills or influence politicians in any way except through discussion, someone that is not rich and is actually able to make correct decisions that affect people’s lives, someone who as a public servant will work for the people and not for a corporation, someone that will help to clean up and work with Congress and do the same with the senate and be transparent in all dealings, someone that will create an independent investigative branch for corruption in politics with referral powers for criminal prosecution with full public transparency, and also someone that will make the appointment of ministers a process is done by congress so all public offices run by appointments are non-party affiliated but work for the people hired and accountable with full public transparency to Congress and the same with judges.

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