President Biden tests positive for COVID-19 | USA TODAY

President Biden tests positive for COVID-19 | USA TODAY 1


    1. He will. It seems like only yesterday he said he had cancer. And he bravely beat that in about a day.

    1. Not as bad as donnie’s are he’s been so upset crappin himself more and everyday. It’s just a big ole stinking mess for all of the trumps .

  1. Undoubtedly by the VP!
    I’m sure they’ll be after another member of my family next!
    Don’t know who we are!?!?!?! Of course not!🙉🙊🙈

  2. He said everyone should get vaccinated when asked about rising covid rate and yet here he is quadruple jabbed and still has cancer and now covid

    1. Just got 1st booster. Had Covid for a month earlier in the year. Lessons the severity. Also get flu shot every year an pneumonia every 4

  3. Candidate Biden in 2020: I will take care of this. I will end this.

    President Biden in 2021: There is no federal solution.

    President Biden in 2022: There’s going to be another pandemic.

    President Biden in 2022: I have Covid-19.

  4. Dear god ! I hope he wasn’t mumbling or stuttering or slurring his speech!!!!!Maybe with treatment he’ll know where he is. Our prayers are with you Mr. Senator….

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