President Donald Trump's 'In Trouble': Bush Staffer On Pence Tossing Trump Under Bus 1

President Donald Trump’s ‘In Trouble’: Bush Staffer On Pence Tossing Trump Under Bus


Former speech writer for President George W. Bush, David Frum, joins Ari Melber to discuss breaking news from the Washington Post that reports Pence claims he had no knowledge of the plot with Ukraine to get dirt on the Bidens. Frum argues the WaPo reporting shows Trump “is not so reckless to let us VP remain clear,” adding the “harrowing circumstance” forces Trump to “make sure that the vice president is as dirty as possible, to make sure that their interests are aligned.” Aired on 10/02/19.
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President Donald Trump's 'In Trouble': Bush Staffer On Pence Tossing Trump Under Bus


  1. Oh.. l can’t wait until everyone starts turning on every one is this administration. Which is gonna happen sooner then later.

    1. @g0679 – ‘Slovenia’, more likely…
      Rosie ranted *and* raved in a spastic, spam-post frenzy.

  2. Pence was unaware he was being used as Trump’s tool? That’s funny, because he also didn’t know anything about Flynn being under FBI investigation, despite being warned as the head of the Trump transition team.

    1. @jwoolman5- He has to. His corrupt boss correctly knows the evangelicals want their theocratic due. Implicate Pence and they’re stuck with (gasp!) Nancy Pelosi.

    2. @sclogse1 LOL! Reminiscent of Dan Quale’ s”The mind’s a terrible thing to waste, but not to have a mind to waste..”

  3. “Dumb blonde” is a stereotype that I reject, but in Donald’s case I’m willing to make an exception.

    1. @Geoff B whomever you vote for, you don’t matter and neither does the rest of the fringe brain dead trump cult.
      The dems already know this and they’re campaigning to get the thinking part of the country to vote for them, not you, lul.

    1. @dlee t Unfortunately, it was more devious than that. It would force a grieving woman to have to cough up funeral arrangements AND it would be permanently enshrined in her Electronic Medical Record open for all to see..including an increasingly dangerous misogynistic Republican regime.

    2. If you wanted someone to bring about “The Handmaid’s Tale” in reality, Pence would your first choice. An evil soul lives behind those cold, dead eyes.

  4. “For revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival.”
    – Frederick Douglass, July 4, 1852
    This was true then and remains true today.

    1. @Jim Battersbee I know. It’s just that there are two very different issues here. Douglass is talking about slavery in this case, not government corruption.

    2. @Scott Becker in my opinion I feel the two are explicitly connected with both dealing with the morality of the people in power.

    3. What do you think? Dealing with Barbaric Barbarian’s… They jumped off of that Boat, (“Mayflower”) loaded with England’s rejects…

    1. Mario Barahona
      You reckon that’s awkward? Close your eyes and imagine him climbing on top of the first “lady “……………..naked.

    1. @Troy Stocker I’m not up to speed on the GREEN DEAL……yeah a MILLION DEAD in Iraq……trust me I KNOW….look at the major players in Iraq’s oil revenue today…..SHAMELESS GOP…….Obama had to make tough choices…id say he weened USA outta boots on the ground in these countries…i HOPE we continue TO NOT INVADE other countries and use our Jab power with less frequency. But warhawk Obama was NOT.

    1. trump’s plan is to take everyone down INSTEAD of himself… I think he may have overplayed his hand this time… oh.. and pence definitely knew ! Please !

    2. Nope, Trump is the type og guy who sets everybody around him up to shift the blame for everything he does to them so he can force them to take the fall for him and he can walk away.

      Just look at what happened here:
      Trump knew his now infamous phone call with the President of the Ukraíne was, to put it mildly, problematic, so he made sure Mike Pompeo was directly involved. This way Trump had an immediate scapegoat he could shift the blame to in case things went wrong. To doubly secure HE could walk away from trouble, Trump also involved Mike Pence. That move also had the extra benefit of keeping Pence from making a move against Trump: when Trump ever faces an impeachment procedure, the next in line to become President is Pence, so Trump makes sure Pence is as dirty as him so Pence can’t turn against him. That also gives Trump a scapegoat if he’s being charged after his Presidency ends: he can throw Pence in front of the bus so he can walk away.

      Does it all sound a bit familiar? Trump did exactly this with Mike Flynn and Michael Cohen. He tried to do it with Jeff Sessions, but Sessions proved he was smarter than Trump and refused to take the fall.

    3. Yep – _everyone._ If given the chance, Donald Trump will take _everyone_ down with him. Don’t underestimate this ‘coup’ and ‘civil war’ crap. He would rip this country apart solely for his pride.

    1. Russell Berwick : Did you see Rachel Maddow’s video? With PERFECT timing . . . While Donny Dumpster Fire is getting so crazy, wheel out his Arch Enemy, to Troll him . . . LOVE IT!

  5. You can bet that Pence is lying, there’s no way he didn’t know and just wait until trumps tax returns surfaces that’s when it’s really going to get good

  6. Criminal can lies, he can run but you can’t hide forever, it will come out day by day and the end, he falls of the cliff soon.

  7. “the vice president is as dirty as possible, to make sure that their interests are aligned”. Of course Pence’s aides were included in the corruption. All of them should be in prison.

    1. That’s right. Crime Spree in Chief, rolling over people in his Hollywood Access Bus on his way toward another p-ssy to grab.

  8. Mike Pence: “I wasn’t aware of it. I was busy necking with mother after a stimulating game of Go Fish.”

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