President-elect Biden introduces a $1.9 trillion spending plan | USA TODAY 1

President-elect Biden introduces a $1.9 trillion spending plan | USA TODAY


U.S. President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks on the public health and economic crises, outlining his coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine rollout plan and economic relief package, to fund vaccinations and provide immediate, direct relief to working families and communities, and calls on both parties in Congress to move his proposals quickly.

More than 60 members of Congress have tested positive for COVID-19, its antibodies or been diagnosed with the coronavirus as the nation continues to grapple with the pandemic.

Dr. Brian Monahan, the attending physician at the U.S. Capitol, has been working to identify any individuals who had contact with the members who tested positive, according to guidance from the Office of the Attending Physician sent by House officials to members earlier this year.

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  1. More bailouts for large corperations…
    Imagine how much your stimulus would be if we stopped shelling out for companies who HAVE RECORDED RECORD PROFITS THIS YEAR.

    1. @josh espedahl If Trump is bribing corporations, why did 90% of Fortune 500 companies openly endorse or donate to Biden? Why have Twitter and Facebook banned Trump from their platforms?

    2. Even better, we have a bunch of money going to other countries and are even footing the bill for gender studies in Pakistan. I’m not kidding, stimulus money literally went to that. It’s amazing how many people have been distracted with the shiny, spinning covid quarter while the largest transfer of wealth in history from the low/ middle income to the ultra rich has taken place. Total smoke screen that everyone fell for. To all the mask Karen’s out there, the next time you confront someone for not wearing a mask just remember that nearly every politician pushing covid lock downs the hardest have been caught on camera violating their own edicts. Newsom, Lightfoot, Whitmer, Pelosi, just to name a few have all been caught. They don’t even take covid seriously but they want to make sure you do. Why? Because on your way to Costco filled with 400 people they want you to rat out your neighbor who has the nerve to run their small business where they only allow 5 people in at a time. Crush small business to get rid of competition against their ultra rich friends/ donors, while impoverishing people and making them dependent on the government to survive. Breed that dependency and you create a new voting block.

    3. @Tim M It is hard to support a dictator like Hitler. So if it were you, who would you support? Hitler or someone else? 🙂

  2. NO more money going overseas or to the Kennedy Center or fish counting or any other pork or pet projects I hope!!! Take care of small business and citizens who are hurting only!!!!

    1. The owners of the Federal Reserve are very pleased with the newest puppet they have installed as president.

    2. What? Did SleepyJoe wake up? What’s gonna happen to IncitingDonald? It’s a lot going on… I’m just watching outside the Matrix, just an observer…

    3. @Euromann You missed the point. @Shane Menning is actually calling out Trump too since he signed off on this nonsense pork package where a vast majority of the stimulus money isn’t even helping the U.S. Trump bashed the package then signed off on it so he’s just as guilty. Anyone who actually trusts our government, on either side of the political aisle at this point, needs to have their head examined.

  3. Yeah great ! I am retired and on a fixed income now. But during 2019 I was employed full time (over a year ago). I made decent money…not tons but OK.
    I get ZERO….Nada. I have not yet seen a single penny from any of the stimulus payments. Not one.
    I paid huge taxes for over 50 years and I get nothing. Thanks.


    2. You may be able to claim all given payments on your taxes 2021 taxes. Talk to a tax accountant, I’m in a similar boat. I didn’t get sent anything but I can get them through tax refunds in the form of checks from the IRS.

    1. @big guy So true.
      We need more prayer and reading from the good book
      There’s so much chaos and division from everyone,It’s easy to lose sight of what’s truly important.
      May God bless you and your family

    2. @Cole Ernest I’ll be sure to let my hubby who’s a disabled vet to just get a haircut and a job!
      Thank you for the encouragement and sound advice.

  4. why is everyone always talking about building roads? all politicians do this and it’s like it never gets done……

    1. I was literally thinking the exact same thing. Pumping money into infrastructure is only a temporary job creator anyways and always ends the same way. They sort of get started, then companies with connections to politicians get huge government contracts, and the work doesn’t get done. Solyndra anyone?

    2. @Slayer Mill There is a perfect example right where I live, the feds gave our state about $20 million to rebuild roads and bridges here and 3 companies got the contracts for the bridges and the gypsies got the contract for the roads. The gypsies knocked the roadwork out fast, one of the bridge companies knocked their bridge out in a month while the other 2 companies have yet to finish a single bridge in 6 months.

    3. It’s a slush fund intended as a payout to the unions. Dems stonewalled when Trump wanted the $3.2 trillion infrastructure package because they didn’t want him to actually contract with honest contractors or get credit for getting stuff done. But when they’re in power, now they’re happy to spend the cash because they can push it into the hands of their donors and supporters. In this case, it’ll be racial lines. If you’re a white-owned business, eff off and enjoy that white privilege. Also, the other thing is they’ll have a very large budget for signs to make sure you know it was Biden who generously spent your taxpayer money to build the road or bridge. Live in a blue state long enough and you begin to appreciate their standard operating procedures.

  5. Top economist, they couldn’t run a profitable candy store but they do know how to run up the national debt to be paid on the back of taxpayers

    1. He’ll also be fighting off his fellow party members as they find any reason they can to oust him in favor of Kamala.

    1. It’ll be two years tops before Kamala takes over. From that point on, you’ll wish Joe were still in power.

  6. Trying hard to read what they wrote for him.. as if he’s learning about these plans as he’s reading it off the teleprompter.

    1. I think that his diaper is full and that is why he sound so unconvincing. Give the president a break. He is going senile. Although it is hard to say because he was a babbling idiot all his life.

    1. Of course they do man!!! All that and him staring at teleprompter the whole time squeezing his eye lids together so hard just trying to see the words on the screen… Marvelous!!! “ I will effectively take care of Trumps shividibimpunpnukhg “ Yeah

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