President Joe Biden recommends Gov. Cuomo resign from office | USA TODAY 1

President Joe Biden recommends Gov. Cuomo resign from office | USA TODAY


President Joe Biden said Tuesday he will address questions about embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo later this afternoon following a damning new report from the state attorney general's office that alleged Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women in violation of state and federal laws.


Biden told reporters he will take questions after a White House speech he's scheduled to give at 3:45 p.m. on COVID-19 vaccinations when asked whether Cuomo should resign.

Pressed with the same question, White House press secretary Jen Psaki deferred to the president's upcoming comments.

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  1. “Can I tell you my favorite thing about governor Cuomo? He’s got tremendous balls. Absolutely enormous balls.” -Joe Biden, 2015

    1. @Victoria Biggs They act like we don’t have reasons to be a little hesitant to get a vaccine that hasn’t had enough testing, a vaccine that was created in haste and has has some problems. And maybe there’s enough distrust of govt to avoid its advice. And to be honest, why the hell would I take the vaccine just because this Biden creature is pressuring me to take it?

    2. @Patty Salvatore Vaccine is experimental till 2022/2023 so they have 0 right. Nuremberg 2. Unacceptable. Move to Florida! Vote red if you do!

    1. Did you read the charges and the responses or are you relying on the press to summarize the truth!

    2. @Harold Moore But he still lives in your head b/c he’ll BE BACK – I know it, you know it, and the FAKE NEWS knows it!!

    1. That was part of their Trump smear campaign so that’s why that’s not being pursued. They’d have to go after the other Democrat governors who did it as well like Wolfe n Whitmer……..

    2. Thank You! This is the first time I’ve seen someone bring this up. He is guilty of a much more damning crime resulting in the death of thousands but groping is what he will go down for. Its like Capone with tax evasion.

    1. @Wilt Chamberlain is the GOAT
      So did I.
      One of my favorites from today is when he talked about the new state of North Calina.

    2. @level Joe I’ve got to ask. Did you ever see how many flub-ups George W. Bush said while he was President…mostly in his 50s? They call them Bushisms.

    3. @UCR0isa6N3H4vsr7N1i3NaEw But you can’t offer proof though.. So then your just assuming at this point

  2. Chris Cuomo said the other day if the people do not like the job my brother is doing get him out. Well Bye Felicia…

  3. Wait, I just read a headline an hour ago saying
    Jen Psaki calls new Cuomo allegations false.
    Bro Biden and Jen Jen aren’t on the same page

  4. “A pandemic of the unvaccinated people.” Once a segregationist always a segregationist.. what a joke. Divide and conquer..

    1. @M how are unvaccinated people the problem? They are only hurting themselves. If the unvaccinated were responsible for the mutations I would agree but both vaccinated and unvaccinated people still catch COVID.

    2. He’s a damn racist, speaking of blacks and Hispanics that way. Because they’re the ones refusing to get vaccinated. White people have fallen in line like always.

    1. @BATMAN 65 show me the dead people that voted because so far the only side proven to had dead people vote has been from the republicon party

    2. @BATMAN 65 Wow, I never heard of this type of American…”ted blooded”?? Is that a type of American like Ted Cruz? HAHA In other words, inept ??

    1. @Donovan Deflifts Why do you believe any of these politicians whether it be Biden, Trump, republican, or democrat?? They all suck.

    2. Yep, it’s actually scary how hard they are trying to divide. They are really pushing for a civil war. Scary

    3. @Donovan Deflifts 5 years with a fake channel and only 3 comments?
      Or are you just an angry 9 year old using daddy’s computer?

    4. @Donovan Deflifts you gunna try to get rent from donny or is he just living up there In That Lil noggin for free

  5. 16:45, “I’m not going to flyspeck this”. What he wanted to say is, “I’m not gonna flyspeck this you dog faced pony soldier”. I’m also not sure if Biden is the best person to decide what is or is not appropriate touching.

  6. Could he have whispered in a dark corner of his home something like, ‘If they don’t leave me be, I’ll leak something about 911’!

  7. “doc, can I get the vaccine”? “No sorry, too late” lol omg its like the movie Idiocracy

  8. “To all survivors of sexual assault, we believe you and we will fight for you.” Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2018

    “They’re all liars.” –Gov. Andrew Cuomo 2021

  9. Here are the facts: If you’ve had the virus and survived you developed natural antibodies with the same benefits you’d get from any vaccine. That’s how immune systems work.

    1. @Guywholikes goodmusic a Cleveland clinic study shows the reinfection rate of someone who’s had Covid 19 is the same as the infection rate for vaccinated people. Therefore it’s just as good as the vaccine and I’m betting my life on it being better in the long run because it’s a natural reaction rather than an experimental mRNA therapy. Read up on how some scientists believe future vaccines for covid won’t work in people who’ve gotten this first round. That’ll make you pause for a moment.

    2. @Nucumber well im an O- blood type, and the CDC says im the luckiest punk in society, we are naturally the most resilient to infection

    3. @Faceless King the CDC doesn’t tell you it’s going to help you against covid. humans have no immunity from covid. it will find you.

    4. @Nucumber yes, studies have been done already, O- are the most resistant, im not afraid.

      Multiple studies have been carried out in countries around the world, O+ and O- have the greatest resistance to covid while type A is the most vulnerable, type A is also the most common

    5. @Michael Hunziker I guess he’s referring to the same “we” you use whenever you’re talking about your favorite sports team going against another opponent. If you aren’t a player for that team or a scientist in his instance, then you can’t use “we”

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