1. I post White House videos and I get shadow banned instead of monetized but USA Today got monetized reusing videos, that’s gay all day Google rules!!!

  2. This experience can be summed up in three short principles. It’s always worse — much worse — than your rational side thinks. It’s always as bad as — or worse than — your worst, hidden fears. And when you put those two things together, the only conclusion is: you’d better act like this is your last chance to remain a functioning society…….Because it is.

  3. 58 million tests in only 16-17% of the population of the United States. Yes, the previous stockpile was depleted but he was told he desperately needed to replenish it which he has not done in 3 1/2 yrs. His response is 6 months after the fact. 147,983 people too late. Why can he not call it coronavirus? It’s always the China virus, has to make sure there is someone else to blame other than himself. Remember when he said, I take no responsibility….and he doesn’t. He’s got a new campaign manager is all. Telling you what you want to hear so you jump on his sinking bandwagon.

    1. @Peter A I didn’t say I trusted China either, but it is NOT the China virus, it is coronavirus that causes COVID 19

    2. It wasn’t too late. There wasn’t one single person died because of lack of ventilators or any other thing. Every year people die of viruses. You don’t blame politicians for that. People are dying all over the world. This happens.

  4. The moment USA have the vaccine, China will have the same vaccine by stealing the formula, even more, China will spread new species virus again, US will have to research new vaccine again, will never have time to deal with China

    1. We need a wall around China. A better and bigger one than the one they already have. Don’t buy chinese products

  5. If you’re not aware of the White Coat Summit, you need to watch at least part of this to hear what front line doctors know about covid.
    For the powers that be or msm to not act on this, one day they will face God and have to explain why they continue to let thousands needlessly die…

  6. This is crazy talk! A vaccine takes 2-3 years for it to be trustworthy! Operation warp speed is poison!

    1. @Luv Provida Vaccines can be developed relatively quickly, depending on the amount of research and computing power invested. The 2-3 years is for testing, not making the vaccine itself. The vaccines were created by supercomputers months ago. But they won’t be released for quite awhile.

  7. Trump actually said children do not transmit the coronavirus, though early evidence suggests children can and do. 
    17 children in Texas at 9 different daycares all tested positive, Kimora “Kimmie” Lynum a healthy little 9 yr old just passed away from Covid-19. God bless her family! Yet Trump wants to open schools. This man doesn’t care about the people of the US & he makes it more clear every time he opens his mouth!!!

  8. If you or a family member happen to contract Covid, take hydroxychloroquine. It is proven effective. You Tube took down a video I posted of a group of doctors supporting this as treatment because they are in collusion with big Pharma, CDC, Fauci, etc.

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