President Trump defends immigration policies, bashes Biden at final debate | USA TODAY

President Trump defends immigration policies, bashes Biden at final debate | USA TODAY 1


Trump defends child separation policy, asks Biden 'who built the cages' at final debate.
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President Trump defended his administration's child separation and immigration policies during the final 2020 presidential debate.

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43 Comments on "President Trump defends immigration policies, bashes Biden at final debate | USA TODAY"

  1. first

  2. If only he’s done this before πŸ’€

  3. Who filled the cage’s Dump?

  4. jonas lucas freitas | October 25, 2020 at 9:01 PM | Reply

    Why does the communist system want to rule the United States? If Trump loses China rules the world.

    • Trump is part of China.

    • @Candace Ion your ignorant the Democrats supported doing business as usual while they were in the White House. Trump and the Republicans made America more prosperous than ever before while taking on the Chinese Dictatorship and it’s one way trade deals which benefitted them.

    • @Candace Ion
      Why is Biden son on the board of China why don’t you look into that

  5. Disgusting


    • You want to pay higher health insurance for the illegals coming in do you want to support them do you really care about a retirement or do you want to work until your 80 year while you supporting them
      Why don’t you donate your salary to them

    • @Robert Heck
      Why don’t you taken some families illegal families and support them donate your salary to them

  6. I hope he enjoys his cage next year.

  7. Just-Call Me-Non | October 25, 2020 at 9:05 PM | Reply

    This means trump defends the families being forcibly torn apart, this means he defends that 500 parents are still missing from their children, this means he defends the hysterectomies that were done without permission


    • Do u want to support the illegals do you want to donate your salary do you want to pay higher health insurance and pay for their food stamps while you work one or two jobs to support yourself do you care about retirement

    • @Robert Heck
      So where did you serve

    • Just-Call Me-Non | October 25, 2020 at 9:27 PM | Reply

      @Lor M. actually yeah sure idc they deserve a chance, they come here for a reason, but all you people seem to care is the how they got here but not the why they came here, plus by the time I’m retiring age there probably isn’t even gonna be retirement anyway (something people who are near the retiring age always tell me)

  8. Very Handy Mann | October 25, 2020 at 9:06 PM | Reply

    Of the 500 kids whose parents can’t be found, none of their parents, or even the child traffickers have come back to claim them. How is that Trump’s fault.

  9. Question, where is the wall? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Barbara Squire | October 25, 2020 at 9:07 PM | Reply

    Trump refuses to turn in his taxes. He has 3 sets one he inflates value for bank loans, one so he deflates value and pays no taxes. And a real set he keeps. Trump has committed so much tax fraud he shoutd be locked up for that alone 25yrs per count not served consecutively. Trump and McConnell stole $3.4Trillion from Social Security and $698Billion from Medicare and Medicaid. Trump has gone to court 15 times to remove everyone with previous conditions from any healthcare. 15 times to court to eliminates Obamacareand replace it with nothing. He is trying to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid plus Social Security completly. Trump was informed November 2019 Covid was coming and did nothing for America. He did sell thousands of ventalators to Russia and China. But refused to help America Kushner sold many to his friends stating all the ventalators the White House had were theres to do as they wished. WRONG WE YHE PEOPLE PAID FOR THEM. Then Trump tells each state go and buy your own. All while millions become I’ll and 223,000 die. Millions left withing term effects. As Trump has only taken our money used it as his personal piggyback. Golf alone has cost America $330Billion including secret service. Trump has a clothing business in China that is run like a sweat shop. He never brought it back to America
    Says well they are used to this and they have a job. Ones a secret bank account in China deposits $17million withdraws $15million next day. That is money laundering. Trump has told 380,000 lies since in office. This does not include all his retweets and campaign rally lies restated over and over again. Trump has been impeached. He is a traitor to America and so is Barr. Trump supports boogaloo boys, white supremacy, Nazi, is a proven and self proclaimed peta file, preditor, bigamist, bully, bigot, sexist. Racist. Trump has locked up thousands of children ripped them out of parents arms and still has 538 children they can not find parents. They begged to stay stated they will be killed if they go back. Now they cannot locate them. All while he brings his in laws over to America buys there Citizenship. Keeps all his illegal alien workers stating they are very good workers. Taken part in human trafficking. Supposed to not profit from his time in office and broken that law countless of times. Pardens all his criminal buddies so they can do it all again, and again. Was proven he has allowed Russian collusion. Allowed Russia to hire hit men on our military. He has removed all big company standards for clean air, water, land and is allowing dumping again. Plus removed all endangered species from any form of protection. Then issued 45 hunting licenses for his work associates and 2 sons. Yes, this is the man who self proclaimed Second coming. Did not say of what but has proven to be as bad as Hitler or Stalin truly equal to the devil himself. This is who you call your good man????

  11. Captain Junayd Riyadh-Al-Hasnayn | October 25, 2020 at 9:10 PM | Reply

    *NEWS DIGEST to START the Day (25 OCT 2020, Sunday) 5 Minutes Read – updated at 0833HRS IST*

    *World: 42,925,517; Death 1,154,770 (2.69%) Active 10,103,622 (24%) Recovery 31,667,125(74%)*

    _India: 7,863,892; Death 118,567 (1.51%) Active 669,602 (9%) Recovery 7,075,723 (90%)_

    IPL: KXIP Choke SRH to Snatch Victory from Jaws of Defeat, Stay in Play-off Hunt; 5 Wkts in last 2 overs

    *May Festival Protect Everyone from Pandemic’: President Kovind Greets Citizens on Eve of Dussehra*

    _Income tax return filing deadline for FY20 extended 2nd time, Dec 31 new last date from Nov 30, 2020_

    Violent Clash breaks out between SGPC, Sikh actvists over 328 missing copies of Guru Granth Sahib

    *Bihar: JDRP Candidate Narayan Singh from Sheohar shot dead, supporters beat armed assailant to death*

    _Delhi smog: Capital’s air quality continues ‘very poor’, AQI recorded at 346; AQI 0-50 considered good_

    ITBP Gets Nod to Set Up 47 New Outposts on India-China Border amid Standoff in Ladakh

    *Pakistan Army quadcopter was shot down by the Indian Army troops along LoC in J & K’s Keran Sector*

    _Andhra: Demolition drive (constructed in 40acre Govt Land) at GITAM Medical University trigger politics_

    DU Releases 3rd Cut-off List; UG Admissions Closed In Many Courses, Marginal Dip In Some Colleges

    *Govt waives interest on interest for loans up to Rs 2Cr; those who didn’t avail moratorium included*

    _Journalists Made Victims Due to Republic TV-Mumbai Police Clash: Broadcasters’ Body Slams CBI Probe_

    Azamgarh, UP: Girl (15) Thrown Off Terrace by 3 Men for Objecting to Harassment, Admitted to Hospital

    *UP: Wife of UP Police Officer Who Was Part of SIT Probing Hathras Gangrape Case, Dies by Suicide*

    _Countries across world Battle Rising Coronavirus Cases; WHO Warns ‘Exponential’ Increase in Infections_

    Not a single patient admitted in Covid care coaches (900 non-AC sleeper coaches at 6Cr cost by Western Railways) in Maharashtra, reveals RTI; Mumbai 1st city to cross 10K Covid Deaths;

    *Trump Touts ‘Incredible’ Numbers as Covid-19 Infections Reach Record Heights; Deaths toll at 223,995*

    _Ant Group – “History’s largest pricing”: Jack Ma is probably on course to create the mother of all IPOs_

    Tata Motors crosses 40 lakh cumulative production milestone; 3 decades after Tata Sierra SUV in 1991.

    *Shashi Tharoor-led parliamentary panel to discuss India’s 5G readiness with Telcos on Oct 27*

    _Karnataka HC Restrains Franklin Templeton From Winding Up Schemes Without Investors’ Consent; pulls up SEBI for not taking prompt actions_

    “Not How You Talk About Friends”: Joe Biden As Trump Calls India “Filthy”; poor global understanding

    *Trump’s economic legacy isn’t about the numbers, it’s about the way people look at the economy*

    _Pop-up restaurants: Travel-starved ‘passengers’ dine, watched films on parked Singapore Airlines jets_

    Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-Hee Dies At 78; left bedridden by a heart attack in 2014; little revealed

    *_Cameroon; Group of 9 terrorist assailants armed with gun/machetes storm school, opened fire on pupils aged b/w 9-12years, kill 8 students; 12 wounded; no group claimed responsibility_*

    Schoolchildren among 29 killed, 72 wounded in Kabul suicide attack; toll to rise; Taliban says not them

    *Demonstrators Dressed as Chickens, Cow & Donald Trump Protest against UK-US Trade Deal in London*

    _UK Pub Bans RishikeshSunak Sunak for Lifestyle After He Votes Against Free School Meals for Kids During Holidays_

    Today’s Words – *Zimocca* – Bath-sponge

  12. Shayna Ghram-Kaiser | October 25, 2020 at 9:24 PM | Reply


  13. Both obama and trump are worse immigration cases in their time, obama wasnt an angel either, more deportation happened in Obama time..just saying..america immigration system is sucks and slow and even make legal immigrant sick to their stomach..look at IT guys and foreighn doctors how much they suffering!

  14. The kids are in foster homes. The cages were built by Obama. President Trump changed the law the demanding children are in foster care. I seen it. I still feel bad for these children. But there parents have not come back to claim them. The thing is this there life here is a ton better then even a good life in mexico. I’ll tell you why the President there is a very rich man. The country of Mexico is very rich but the people are poor. Alot live in homes made of cardboard, strollers,old wood the good homes are made of Adobe. Only the drug lords live well. Max pay is 25. Dollars a week. This is not Americas fault. It’s going to take for the people to stand up an fight for laws, pay that is better. Like we did here. With all our problems we are in trouble. If we don’t get our act together we will end up just like these countrys. You can not help everyone until you help your self. We are filled to capacity. We have American familys living in cars I seen it. We have children here hungry I’ve seen it. We have veterans that are homless , I’ve seen it . It’s time we build are country back up. Then we can look to help some people in other places. God bless America God bless President Trump. He’s been right the whole time. Don’t let your eyes lie to you. Let your love for God lead you God Bless the people of Isreal. Pick up your hammers pick up your nails let’s build up our America

  15. Thank You President Donald Trump For Building Walls To Protect πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ USA People and Country Against Drugs Dealers, Criminals, Gangs, and Human Traffickers.

  16. All Bullies Are Liars and Negatives People.

  17. I just read a article about ICE and persons from Africa while detained that alledegedly Ice officers have beaten choked threaten and while being attacked are fingerprinted against their will used as a signature to ship them back home this is just weeks before they are to appear for ammenisty One man told officials he was taken out of camera range and beaten so children are supposively well taken care of and these men are afraid to return home but are being forced before their hearings to return home

  18. Trump: “The virus would just go away” (April 2020). Today, over 225,000 lives lost, with CDC reporting that excess deaths of 300,000 compared to previous year. How many more deaths does it take before he listens to science. Wake up everyone!

  19. Here they are, the socialists, closet communist, and far-left radical Democrats who are openly supporting & fundraising for Biden/Harris. They’re all together.

    llhan Omar, Rashida Talib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Karen Bass (Leader Congressional Black Caucus), Val Demings, Valerie Jarrett, Richard Blumenthal, Stacy Abrams, Cory Booker, Al Green, Ayanna Pressley, Sheila Jackson Lee, Pramila Jayapal, Chuck Schumer.

    If you vote for Biden you are voting for the same candidate the socialists endorse.

    There’s more……

    What do these leftist Mayors & Governors listed below have in common?

    All are Democrats, all kept their economy closed as long as they could (many still are) and all ordered police in their cities to stand down allowing the city to be looted, burned. citizens beat in the streets, killings, monuments destroyed, All support Biden.

    Ralph Northam (Gov VA) Tom Wolf (Gov PA), Jim Kenney (Mayor Philadelphia), JB Pritzker (Gov Il), Lori Lightfoot (Mayor Chicago), Gavin Newsom (Gov CA) Kate Brown (Gov OR), Ted Wheeler (Mayor Portland OR), Jay Inslee (Gov WA), Jenny Durkan (Mayor Seattle), Andrew Cuomo (Gov NY), Bill Di Blasio, (Mayor NY) Tim Walz (Gov MN) Jacob Frey (Mayor MN), Lyda Krewson (Mayor St. Louis), Gretchen Whitmer (Gov MI), Mike Duggan (Mayor Detroit) , Keisha Bottoms (Mayor Atlanta GA) Roy Cooper (Gov NC)

    (Listed here on this page are some of the socialists, closet communists, and far-left radicals who have infiltrated congress, senate, governors, and even mayors.)

    At least know who and what you are voting for.

    Democrats lie to elect. They want to sell us that Biden is a “centrists.” Joe’s “centrist” policies include free health care for illegal aliens, trillions in taxes on the middle class, and once again, like his hero Obama, ship our jobs overseas and flooding our country with illegal aliens. Sounds pretty liberal to me? Bidens’ policies almost mirror that of socialist Bernie Sanders’s platform.

    The only ones cheering for Biden are Iran, China, Russia, N Korea, Antifa, BLM, Any country that owes the United States money, Democrats, Communists, Socialists, Illegal Aliens, and programmed unconscious white taxpayers.

    Vote Republican across the board.

  20. huge white wang | October 25, 2020 at 10:35 PM | Reply


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