President Trump Gave His First COVID-19 Briefing In Months. Here’s How It Went. | MSNBC

President Donald Trump spent about half an hour speaking to reporters, without any other members of the coronavirus task force present. Notably, he seemed to have changed his tone on masks, urging people to wear them when they can’t social distance and saying masks “could potentially certainly help” stop coronavirus. But he also said a lot of things about COVID-19 that are just not true. Aired on 7/21/2020.
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President Trump Gave His First COVID-19 Briefing In Months. Here’s How It Went. | MSNBC


  1. It is excruciating watching him. His discomfort at almost ‘admitting’ he was wrong is priceless.

    1. He’s not niw nor was he ever wrong, he is just doing what the right always does caving in to pressure.

  2. ” I told my people slow the testing down” “You gonna find more cases” Donald J Trump (SAT dodger)

  3. Liar in chief can’t change, Americans needs to vote him out in November. He always like to be praise for doing nothing, except for ratings

  4. “The virus will disappear” “I’ll be right eventually” yeah. Eventually the virus will disappear. When all humans and animals are killed off by something like climate change…

    1. @Investigative Audit Is that the same WHO that pushed the lie that the virus wasn’t transmittable from human to human and were upset with Trump for shutting down travel from China in January?

    2. @M J After reading my technical report (which took me 3 months to research & compile), if you can, you would feel what a fool you have been to only watch propaganda news on media, rather than reading the facts! many were thinking just like you before reading this.
      (Link to the PDF format of my reports is also available in comments section of the videos)

    3. @M J NOTE: If anyone can prove any part of my reports is incorrect (based on facts – not personal views, and not media news copy paste) I will cancel my channel and shut up. Otherwise the challenger has to apologize people on this post for wasting their time. DEAL?

    4. @hey there We are prospering as American’s. Those that are not prospering at the moment when they as individuals develop a relationship with God, use common sense, seek education, make smart decisions, work smart and hard they too will prosper. If you excercise those principles in America you will prosper.

    5. @Investigative Audit Two questions:
      1. Did WHO initially say the virus was not transmittable from human to human?
      2. Even though WHO was against shutting down travel from China in January as was Dr. Fauci was it a good idea that Trump shut it down?

      There isn’t a need to shut down your organization we all make mistakes. Even Fauci changed and said shutting down travel from China in January saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

    1. Dr. Burke has waltzed around the truth for Bozo the clown more then ONCE trying NOT to be fired…

    2. These latest press briefing are a ploy to win back the seniors he said nursing homes at least 10 times you know what that means he’s scared from what he saw in the polls it’s a stink it’s a trojan horse he had to fall back on will see we’ve already seen him we already know

    1. Nice. Samuel also wrote: He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man. ….I feel like that’s another definition of immaturity and fits

    1. @James Roberts as you don’t know Trump supporters either because I wear a mask. 91% of democrats agree with wearing mask and 74% of Trump supporters agree with wearing mask.

    2. @M J i may be wrongly stating then but the majority of trump supporters at his rallys and outdoor demonstrations do not wear masks. But there are strong partisan differences with Democrats almost twice as likely as Republicans (70% v. 37%) to say they wear a mask “every time” they leave their house. Majorities across partisans say they wear a mask at least most of the time.

    3. @James Roberts you have a point the last rally they did not have mask on inwhich I thought was not a smart idea.

    1. @M J what does trade have to do with it? Oh yeah, your president has threatened tariffs if Canada doesn’t play ‘nice’ with respect to keeping our border closed. In any case, you do realize most of our infections started from travellers coming in to our country from the US, not China.

    2. @Carolyn H As all US infections came from the source of the virus. Canada is really an extention of America so it is not a surprise that a lot of the cases came from the US. Trade has everything to do with it because that is the life line of a country. Just look at how a country like Cuba is effected by lack of trade. Canada needs and depends on America. US does not depend on Canada.

    3. @M J I was speaking specifically about why Canadians call it the US virus, since this is where our cases come from. As for the remaining commentary you provided, it’s just so sickeningly arrogant and incorrect, that it doesn’t even warrant a response.

    4. @Carolyn H
      Pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19)

      On December 31, 2019 the WHO China Country Office was informed of cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province of China. The outbreak began in a seafood and poultry market in Wuhan, a city of 11 million in central China. Like SARS and MERS-CoV, the newly detected coronavirus has a zoonotic source, however, human to human transmission has been confirmed. On March 11, 2020 the WHO declared COVID-19 viral disease a pandemic.
      Not ONE WORD about the US. It is arrogant and stupid for Canada to call it the US virus!! As far as Canada not depending on US? Arrogant yes incorrect No! If it were not for US innovation, wealth, technology, ingenuity, military, Canada would be on there knees.

  5. When I hear someone say “You can’t blame someone for trying” I immediately think of Trump continually attempting to be President and failing.

    1. My local CBS affiliate did not cover his “rose garden rally” yesterday. And since they are illeagal, for he is using government money and places to have a rally, why can’t citizens file a class action suit against networks who do cover them for being an accompolice to a crime?

    1. I can’t stand to watch his ignorant ego flailings anyway. Too much like watching him shoot grandma in the head.

  6. It took him months to change his tune, while thousands died . Too little, too late!!! Toodaloo!!

    1. Trump already made his own and his business allies’ fortune during 4 years and specifically out of pandemic funds!
      My investigation report on how Trump spent $3 TRILLION ($3,000,000,000,000) stimulus funds that his administration received to combat coronavirus (including $100s of billions for testing, masks and other PPE). Yet 142K deaths, 3.8M infected and 40M jobless!
      Please read to see who got the most of $3 Trillion and for what.
      (Link to the PDF format of my reports is also available in comments section of the videos – there are more reports on my channel on propaganda & conspiracy theories, including WHO, HCQ, 5G, China, etc.)

    1. @J Nahal trump had russian help and had his fbi supporters start investigating hillary at a critical moment for her.

    2. @James Roberts was the russian thing proven? I heard russia did interfere but Trump wasnt aware. The investigation was done to prove he was part of it, but they couldn’t prove it. Hillary did delete emails if i could remember correctly. But no one found out what was in those emails.

    3. @James Roberts anyway i think all those people in power republicans or democrats are corrupt. Look whats happening north of the border in Canada. The Priminister Justin Trudeau has been busted in yet another scandal involving $900 million dollars! He is supposed to be squeaky clean as they come. Can’t trust any of these leaders. We will always be upset no matter who is in charge. 🍺💥🍺

    4. Trump wishes he could lock up the polls somewhere out of sight, but that is no laughing matter. It is no longer acceptable to make poll lock jokes. He tried to set up his own polls that he could manipulate, so he contracted with a polling firm but refused to pay. He should have known to perpetuate a fraud of this magnitude he would need to pay off the pole lease.

  7. Let’s face it these briefings he’s going to have will be composed like this:
    10%= Coronavirus information
    20% =talking about himself and how the country is doing so well under him
    30% = Trashing Democrats
    40%= Trashing Biden

    He’s going to use these briefings as a platform to attack Biden and Democrats rather than informing the nation about the growing coronavirus pandemic.

  8. He’s so used to believing his own press that he hasn’t noticed that no one else is buying what he is selling.

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