President Trump makes remarks on Operation Legend | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump delivers remarks on Operation Legend: Combatting Violent Crime in American Cities.

The Trump administration is weighing a broad deployment of federal officers to Chicago and other cities nationwide, even as state and local leaders in Oregon denounced tactics by federal agents who detained Portland protesters in unmarked cars while wearing uniforms with no specific agency affiliation.

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  1. I don’t like Donald Trump… but to me this is a good idea. Chicago been dangerous since forever, and for the “Top Dogs” of Chicago to say “Don’t Send The Department of Justice To Chicago… It’s Sinister!!” Tells me that they want to have the; 300+ shooting victims and homicides every day, week, and month. 2yrs ago I believe 300 people got shot within a week. I ain’t see no change, except they got rid of the Chief Of Chicago Police.. I hope the Department of Justice set Chi-Town straight.

    1. When you find a video with so many ads, click on the last 5 seconds of the video and let the video end. Then, click on watch again and there you go. You can watch the video with no ads

  2. so the feds will take over every dem run city…cause the dems no longer know right from wrong and have lost all morals and ethics.The democratic mayors who are failing to do the right thing should be ashamed of themselves..they should know karma knows no political affiliation .Shame on the dems how dare they take a paycheck from the people they are putting at risk

  3. Trump Left the coronavirus breifing 5pm saying we arent going to Chicago or anywhere until asked. Not even 2 hours later “we are sending federal officers to Chicago and other citys”.

  4. The murders never get peaceful now they did ,and remember the murders will getting burden for ever and ever

  5. Finally they might get some peace in Chicago nobody’s child should die why there sleeping in there room from a gunshot.

    1. @Hero I’m pretty sure they were destroying government property by trying to rip down a statue of Andrew Jackson. I guess that’s peaceful…🤔🙄

  6. Me and my entire family will be voting for President Trump again in November 2020. President Trump is the only hope for America. Trump 2020 MAGA

  7. This means that agents are already in targeted cities. Question is; is you’re city on the LIST. Something to think about huh…

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