1. Biggest deal of century!
    People ask what will this deal do for me…..jobs!
    It will create your job.
    Demand for USA product and service just got through.
    Now it’s up to USA workers to fulfill the demand.
    End result higher wages and prosperity for poor and middle class.

    1. Its not like banks are going to give loans to anyone looking to get into the farming undustry. So monopolies will own/run the fsrming industry…and Drunkp just chased all of the agricultural labor pool out…so, WHO will take these jobs, at $8/hr? Not Americans..not people who have bills to pay! Like I said, why should I be happy for a bunch of Corp assholes??
      Remember #OccupyWallStreet? Its only gotten worse!!
      Cost of living goes up, land value goes up, while home values are dropping. “Actual” wages haven’t gone up for decades and Trump has just raised our Debt, after OBAMA(of all people) was able to lower it. Corp debt is 10 trillion, or so, cobsumer debt is in the trillions, and our Gov’t debt is probably even worse than our analysts believe.
      This has been a 12 year long “Snatch and Grab”!. Both sides are working for “The man”….while thei reigns are tightening. (Trump EXTENDED the Patriot Act, in last “Federal Budget Omnibus Package”)
      Prison reform hasn’t happened, there’s no plan for drug epidenic, banks are just sitting on their money, the Fed dumped TRILLIONS into our economy, last year, but nobody’s taking about THAT!
      Wheres the silver lining?
      Start your own business, but keep your fingers crossed. that you’ll get paid, by people like Trump….because they’re hoarding all of the money!
      The US is one giant Pyramid Scheme!

  2. Hmmm. Why didn’t he sell us out like the last administration? He could have been even richer with lucrative speaking engagements after leaving office? I guess he cared about his country. Who would have thought that was possible in a President. Go get’em Mr President!

    1. You mean Trump? He DID sell us out. Trade war, U.S. farmers lose the Chinese soybean market, billionaires in Brazil BURN THE AMAZON TO PLANT SOYBEANS FOR CHINA. And THEN Trump eases the trade war. Seriously, he’s almost worse than Obama. And they told the SAME LIES (healthcare for all, end the damn wars, even tax the rich more!!) Both parties are killing us.

    2. @Liza Tanzawa You are truly unreal. Trade war busted china in the chops, that’s why they negotiated phase one. US farmers have billions more soybeans than before which was part of the trade deal. When did he say healthcare for all, Huh? ISIS is wracked thanks to Trump. Guess you want all troops to come home so that ISIS can reconstitute and blow up your town one day. Then you’ll cry like a baby why didn’t we do something. Wakeup and get real.

    1. China…AND Trump, you know he got a fistful of dollars for this, like he did for renting out our troops to Saudi

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  4. So: Trade war, and U.S. farmers lose the Chinese soybean market. In Brazil, Trump’s pal Bolsonaro and his billionaire buddies BURN THE AMAZON TO PLANT SOYBEANS. And then Trump starts to ease up on the trade war before his 2020 election.
    American farmers who voted for Trump: THIS is your bitter harvest.

  5. I feeling bet China keep stole technology from american, China DF-17, DF-25, DF-3, DF-41 Nclear missile kill US Navy Carrier and nuclear strike Taiwan and Japanese, China 6th next-generation aircraft stealth stole from American, if American economy close with China worst than North korean….

  6. The United States has become a hooligan in recent years, assassinating people it dislikes, even Epstein, while the media say the Communist Party of China is Hitler. Ridiculous.

    1. @Semper Fortis I mean, you are pretending you are one of us, and calling us to fight against our government, that is cheap.

    2. @Eric Hsia
      So the character of wo-men versus ta-men is what you base that off of. The United States lost many servicemen in the defense of China. We have a vested interest in protecting our di-di… younger brother.

  7. Trump admires big, strong dictators like Xi and Putin. He would waste no time to unzip their pants and give them BJs.

  8. HOORAY for President Donald Trump!!!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™‚β€βš˜πŸŒˆπŸ¦„πŸ¦‹

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