1. Скажи про сон что это не сон а про не сон что это сон

  2. Ive retired from a 2 year stint as a infectious disease expert and am now starting my career as an expert in foreign policy.

    1. @Luke_SkyWanker Tsar Vladimir is no one’s puppet, no one’s friend. it is his destiny to recreate the Russian Empire. The Baltic countries are next.

    2. @John Lux: Nope, he doesn’t need Baltic countries, they’re under nato patronage, and there’s no corruption in Baltic countries.

    1. @Karsen LH If you had knew how to use the thing on your shoulders, you would know that he told truth.

    2. @Работаем, брат!: Западу не интересно что творили нацистские ублюдки полка азов, ну да похоже нацики допрыгались, скоро все пойдут к своим кумирам.

  3. Just remember if you want to declare Putin a war criminal, you need to include Bush and Obama too.

    1. @TOMG12XU Facts. Biden’s administration just recently killed innocent women and children by accidental drone strike. The target was meant to be a retaliation from the Marines that were suicide bombed. How did that get memory holed so fast?

    1. @Ezra Kirkpatrick I just saw an old 30 sec video of him talking about his use of cocaine. Nothing indicates it’s a fake. It was shot long time before he became president.

  4. You can call it what you will
    But your country will never be the same and will suffer for the next 50 years
    Good luck, call trump for help

  5. Maybe war crimes were committed, but everything is not a war crime, in the same way that if everyone is special, then no one is special.

  6. WHO’S in charge on the ground in Ukraine?

    WHO is receiving the military artillery from U.S. & distributing it?

    1. Plus: why do you arm civilians and encourage them to use those weapons to attack Russian soldiers, but cry foul when the Russians shoot back?

  7. Help from all avaiilable combat people are needed now in ukraine…pls people pray pres putin s heart become humane once again ..Now!

  8. Why would I trust this man. The only think he has done is bring this on the Ukrainian people. Just an actor… What is truth and what is propaganda?

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