Pressley: Criticism Of Rep. Yoho’s Comments ‘Signals A New Day’ For Women | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. The Covfefe-45 virus will go away once the weather cools in November, it will be like a miracle.

    1. “Wise men build bridges, fools build walls.”

      I may not have it right verbatim, but I nailed the meaning.

    2. Valeria Smith … their is no such place. It’s a movie fantasy. “Faith without works is dead “!

    3. Butch Dye Trump’s entire career is built on lies. Take your pick. His scripted reality show. The idea that he’s a successful businessman when he has seven bankruptcies. His fake Christianity. The Trump supporters are the people living in fantasy land.

    1. Please don’t assume anything. Get out and vote! BLUE. Young, Elderly, Brown, Black, White fellow citizens. You can check your voting status at: vote dot org.. We cannot let the GOP limit our right to vote. They use gerrymandering, voter roll “cleansing” and Trump threatens to question mail-in voting and actual vote results. Folks are turning away from this corrupt party. But we must exercise our right to vote in order to protect it.

  2. All voters, Democrats, Republicans or Independents, whether you use mail in ballot, early voting or election day voting, use you smartphone’s to take a picture of your ballot, in case anything comes up regarding validity of race.

    1. Thank you, I didn’t think about taking a picture of the ballot on my phone, I will do just that!

    1. Sadly, Some have been groomed to believe they deserve the Abuse and Put Down. When Some do have the Courage, Stamina and Intellect to Speak their Truth to Power, Weak Insecure Male Species, Not Men are Intiminated. Many Women Work Outside the Home and Some are the Primary Bread Winners. These Good Old Boys Club Need to Retire If they Can’t Evolve. Time Will Not Reverse or Stop For them. He May Want to Search his Biological Roots. His Last Name May be Mixed With Many Diverse Generations that Could have a Grave Psychological Affect on his Cognitive Stability. 🤔😁.

  3. The following questions are designed to learn more about a future presidential candidate’s past career performance either in business or politics and can help to predict future performance as President:
    > what is your greatest professional failure;
    > tell us about a mistake that you made;
    > what was your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it;
    > tell us about a decision tha tyou regret;
    > what is your greatest professional regret.

    to understand:
    > are you someone who can learn from failure;
    > are you self-aware enough to acknowledge failure and weakness;
    > do you take smart risks;
    > how you view success, failure and risk in general.

    Answers can reveal BS artist from a solid candidate:
    > you think you are perfect without self-awareness or ability to grow;
    > hiding a history of tragic failures;
    > do not hold yourself to a high standard and thus never fail;
    > you play it safe and never take risks or make bold moves.

    Answering Behavioral Questions:
    Your Biggest Failure
    –Pamela Skillings / behavioral Interviews, Interview Questions & Answers

    1. @Dennis Lee You are why the left sucks, you don’t like it then it must be trolling. Btw do you have eye balls? She has no hair, which means her eye lashes and eye brows are indeed fake, am I lying? That’s not her lip color, am I lying? She is indeed wearing eye liner and eye shadow, am I lying? I dont think you can call any human no matter what color “pretty” if they are a bald women and 98% of her face is fake and painted on. That to me is insulting and patronizing.

    2. @tom law you are why the right is a disease and a danger to our nation, you have no civility, no objectivity, you all don’t know when to quit and you don’t read my response: If you are lying or not lying is irrelevant. You don’t get to frame this discussion with me. You are a troll.

    3. @Dennis Lee So what you are saying is that Truth is irrelevant to the left, got it. Work off of feeling and emotion alone…

    4. @Dennis Lee Also “I don’t think this person is attractive.” Dennis Lee- “You have no civility and you are a danger to our nation.” FULL TDS

  4. Yoho, another Republican Hoax! Such disrespect. Time to clean house. BLUEWAVE 🇺🇸🎩🇺🇸🎩🇺🇸

  5. As an onlooker it would seen to me that that sad excuse for a man Ted Yoho is more deserving of the sobriquet f…..b….. than the smart stylish intelligent and articulate Rep A.O.C . perhaps it was self projection ?

  6. Ocasio-Cortez is a brilliant, high-spirited, strong young woman. And she ought not to have this happen to her.

  7. If you came here to talk about how “she’s still so pretty even without hair!!” you missed the entire point of this interview.
    Anybody know what her purple ribbon signifies??

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