1. @Daniel Arcadia sounds like the whole country is laughing. The entire planet rumbles.

      But I think id rather be on fbi , CIA, laughing at the terrorists. Then the terrorists nervously laughing in a ignorant over confident way.

  1. Leon Panetta is a Highly Respected Man. He knows that Trump Broke the Law and America knows too 😔🇺🇲💔

    1. @Alfred The Butler good for you and your sister… Did your dad tell you you she and play Trump and Marla Maples on the weekends at Maga largo?

  2. Yes we need to make sure secret information doesn’t get into the wrong hands or in this case the Small Hands 😉

    1. Trump for sure. He even stated the temperature needed to be lowered, which to me means his lawyers acknowledge that he caused the FBI attack and Capitol attack in the last week with his rhetoric.

  3. He’s right,I don’t care if you’re democrats or republicans,this is about national security and the safety of this country,they need to let law enforcement do their job and find out what’s going on and why!! This is democracy at work, so if we really want to save it and protect the constitution,everybody needs to take a chill pill!!!🤔🤔

    1. THAT AND MOST REPUBLICAN’S NEED TO JUST TURN THEIR SELVES IN OR CALL TO GET A RIDE TO THEIR CLOSEST PRECINCT, CONFESS THEIR CRIMES, REPENTAND THEN STFU AND GO TO JAIL FAR FAR AWAY!!! Then and only then can WE ALL rest our damn nerves and get on with our lives. This is truly making me sick. We teach OUR CHILDREN BETTER then what they are doing!!! It is so so so PATHETHIC what WE are being forced to endure. LOCK THEM UP, ALREADY!!!!

  4. Imagine how pathetic and sad your life has to be for you to attack an FBI office bc you’re upset that a narcissistic man baby is being investigated for crimes he very likely committed. You don’t do that if your life is going well.

  5. Threatening is a crime arrest them all and teach them a lesson. All these criminals must be held accountable .

    1. But again little people go to jail rich people don’t they get monitors on their ankles and they get to stay home

  6. I predicted to my friends that trump would do something like this… and it is even worse than anyone can imagine.

  7. If he isn’t allowed to run a charity, how can he be allowed to run for president.?if he can’t be trusted to do the right thing for a charity he can’t be trusted with the county’s security, it is crazy to think otherwise.

  8. go investigate. find them. prosecute and lock them down. it’s more than getting out of hand. don’t let it go over the top. please

  9. Just like everything that has come out of his mouth his entire life. It’s either BS or an outright lie. He couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it

    1. Respond to his calls for donations and he’ll do anything you want. He is a singular version of the oldest occupation.

  10. Trump hardly ever listened to staff trying to brief him on intelligence, why would he need to this paper home?? Trump always said he was smarter than everyone else.

    1. @MrTrackman100 Who cares what he’s trying to say he’s on the wrong side of what’s right and what is usually done to idiots threatening federal agents… Don’t think for one minute you can talk rationally to somebody who down in a rabbit hole wallowing in mud. I think your post was on point and I loved it. Thank you for a well expressed opinion 🤗💝

    1. @V for Wombat Why is the DOJ so scare to show a redacted affidavit. We the people can determined if this was a fishing expedition or not,

  11. Even the concept of having trump for president again makes my skin crawl. Who says a great country like ours can’t get cancer?

    1. @mischifhn Trump made a bit of a historical blunder during his Fourth of July “Salute to America” speech Thursday when he said that the Continental Army “took over the airports” from the British during the American Revolutionary War in the 1770s. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    2. @mischifhn More Trump ramblings: Trump tried to say “origins,” but he misspoke. He clarified with “beginnings,” and by saying “start” about 246 times. But why did he keep going back to try it again, only to say “oranges” every time? It might seem like another innocuous fruit-related slip-of-the-tongue, but like Tim Apple, you have to wonder whether everything’s A-OK upstairs.😂🤣😂

  12. Need to hold the politicians and conservative media accountable, not just with civil lawsuits, but criminal too. This fanning the flames of anger, hate, and violence has to stop.

    1. @Tommy Billy Jack if you can’t be bothered to read the entire comment which wasn’t that long then how can you respond properly? She might have said something that you didn’t read that you agree with. But you won’t know if you don’t read the whole thing. I know logic isn’t really your strong point but think about it for a little while.

  13. Even if you declassify documents, the documents are not personal property of an outgoing administration. It ALL goes to the Archives.

    1. @Valdas Dr Not the originals- there are procedures to request copies, but no one is allowed to take the originals home with them.

    2. @Valdas Dr declassification has no effect on ownership. The original documents are still US Government property.

  14. Isn’t inciting violence against our authorities a crime? Those extremists posting threats to the FBI and the DOJ should be prosecuted.

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