Pride Mini-Street Festival In NYC Includes A Vaccine Site 1

Pride Mini-Street Festival In NYC Includes A Vaccine Site


The Brooklyn Pride mini-street festival will include a Covid vaccine pop-up site this year to help bring New York back to a sense of normalcy. MSNBC's Lindsey Reiser reports on how this could help more people become vaccinated despite hesitancy.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Pride Mini-Street Festival In NYC Includes A Vaccine Site


    1. @Dissociated Women Incorporated It’s nutty, for sure. These kinds of people find it easier to deny facts and truth for their own bias. They’re lost forever, really.

    2. @Dissociated Women Incorporated I think you need to check your birth certificate and chromosomes. Trust the science and all that right?

    3. @Dissociated Women Incorporated My Grandpa raised pigs for a lot of years. One time there was a pigs born with two faces. It wasn’t a new type of animal it was a genetic mutation. It’s the same with intersex people, you aren’t a new type of human, you are a genetic mutation. That doesn’t mean people shouldn’t treat you with respect. I’m sure if you asked nicely people will refer to you by whatever pronoun/gender you want.

    4. @The Trans decepticon it’s not your determination to make now is it kiddo. Nobody is seeking your validation we’re just trying to educate you.

    5. @David right but what about when those chromosomes are XXY or XXXY? Or chimeras, who have a mix of XX and XY cells? And seriously, it was common practice until only a decade or so ago in most countries that when confronted with a physically ambiguous baby, doctors just wrote their best guess on the birth certificate, and often turned out to be wrong, so that’s hardly the firm empirical data you believe it to be, sadly. Some countries were smarter and allowed a birth certificate to say intersexed instead of male or female.

    1. @CShield you’re a _dog person!?_ Well now we must be enemies!!! Just kidding, doggies are awesome too, I have a cat I rescued from the streets as a kitten and he’s a lovely, sweet, affectionate boy, but I’m an animal lover in general. If some of my long term health conditions/disabilities improved I’d love to have a dog, but they’re much more work than a cat. I’m not sure I could give a dog a suitable home.

    2. @Mark Evans why would you ignore that you were _completely_ wrong about my politics, your ego too bruised?

    3. @Mark Evans Why would you come on here and lie about me having cats? What’s your motive here? I don’t have any idea who you are, sweetie.

    4. @CShield I _knew_ he was trying the “crazy cat lady” trope! I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt (“maybe I’m wrong, maybe this claim of 20 cats means CShield runs a cat sanctuary) but I should’ve stuck with my gut

  1. If you have a son in high school who is having girl problems, just tell him that it is ok. Matt Gaetz didn’t have his first high school girlfriend until he was 35.

    1. @David you should look into how hormonal anomalies during pregnancy cause trans people to literally have brains wired with the wrong gender identity for their body. Given I’m intersexed I can’t deny the reality that just like every other biological process, sexual differentiation often glitches out. And since I believe a person is their mind, not the meat robot that mind pilots, I accept their – again, _literally biologically hardwired_ – gender identity is what determines who they are. Besides, all embryos start out physically female. Seriously do some research on the science of the sexual differentiation process that happens in the womb, it’s utterly fascinating, especially when it goes a bit screwy. People with XXY or XXXY chromosomes, people who’s cells are a mix of XX and XY (that’s called a chimera), women with XY chromosomes because the part of their genetic code doesn’t respond to testosterone making it literally physically impossible for them to develop into males, conversely XX chromosomed men who were exposed to enough testosterone in the womb to grow a fully functional bratwurst, there’s _all sorts_ of fascinating exceptions to what happens to the majority (the non-intersexed 98-99.5% of people), it’s incredibly educational.

    1. @James Dandy I’ve been exploring Christianity during quarantine. Did an online Alpha course and then a course of Bible study on… I think Mark… it was interesting. Still not entirely convinced, but I met some great people. They weren’t even mean over me being openly lesbian and intersexed (genetic mutation means I was born with a body ambiguously inbetween male and female, so I go through a lot of the same things as trans women, including _fairly_ similar medical treatment, and being subject to abuse from a few people when they mistake me for trans). I care about all people, whatever orientation, gender, ethnicity, whatever, I wanna see the Star Trek future where diversity isn’t just “tolerated”, it’s _celebrated._ Star Trek allegorises with aliens of course, it’s simple and makes for better drama, but they have all these cultures with differing opinions, and strengths, and talents, working together for the good of all, the only viewpoints not tolerated are ones stemming from either hatred or just a sociopathic disregard for the well-being of others.

    2. @Dissociated Women Incorporated I agree. I think people fighting over the existence of non existence of something is kinda foolish. Live and let live. Especially on the internet. People go ballistic on one another over this stuff. Calm down. To each their own. Some people believe some don’t. The way I look at it is either yur a good person in the end or not. I’ve met plenty of both from each side. Lol

    3. @James Dandy yeah I’ll argue with people who deny science, but… I feel sad for them more than anything. What makes _me_ go ballistic is cruelty and malice, something humanity is… _disturbingly_ talented at. I’m also disabled, partly through mental health issues and autism though a little physical stuff too, so I’ve been on the receiving end of all kinds of bigotry… and I’ve had to fight to just be treated with basic human dignity sometimes. People hearing I’m autistic and then talking to me as if I have the mental capacity of a satsuma. Even then, much as that’s pretty annoying and super patronising I’ll be patient with them, try to show them I do have intelligence (I mean I was programming computers when I was 7 or 8) and should be properly listened to, especially in deciding things that affect my life, most realise they got it wrong and either apologise or just change their behaviour, but a few just stubbornly stick to their preconceptions. I’m happy to educate but it doesn’t work on the dogmatically ignorant, which yes, if we’re talking political sides I might see a lot more from the right but I see a fair amount from the left, that’s part of why politically I reject both.

      _My_ political agenda is incredibly simple, I want the most health, happiness, liberty, and prosperity for as many people as possible. I want that to be based on scientific facts and evidence as much as possible, never political dogmatism, and I believe in a wide variety of approaches being tested to get that data. In fact one of the best ideas I’ve heard (which would also hinder any hidden political agendas) is doing randomised controlled trials on legislation just like you do with medication, after all it can affect people’s lives just as much. You write a bill, but you also write what you hope it to achieve, lower unemployment, less poverty, whatever, and then you find an area of your country with demographics close to that of the whole country and you test that bill by making it law in just that one area for a year or so. Then you examine the results compared to the parts of the country without your prototype law, did it achieve what you publicly said you hoped it would? Did it have any serious unforeseen side effects? And you use that information to decide whether to make it law in the whole country. You prove yourself right, or you swallow your pride and admit you were wrong (and you’re only human, you’ll be wrong sometimes). Or I guess there’s maybe a middle ground where it partially worked and there’s a good chance some modifications would mitigate the negative side effects, so you overhaul it and try a new version in a different test area. Probably not a perfect system, it would be tricky to get a _perfectly_ representative cross section of the populace, just like how sometimes even after extensive clinical trials medication can turn out to have rare but serious side effects that never showed up in the trials, but it would be better than politicians just assuming they’re right and/or running their legislative experiments on a whole country.

    4. @Dissociated Women Incorporated I’m a cancer survivor. I’m also vaccinated. I don’t care. Science saved my life. I agree. It all comes together in the end I believe. If we didn’t believe in science to a point we’d all still be living in mud huts and throwing rocks at each other. Scientists and their research help us to live to our fullest potential. Amen to that.

    1. @reality yeah, Democrats support science, except when they’re leaning too far to the right. Great thing, isn’t it? We can save those kids from so much pain with hormone blockers, and when they’re adults they can either go on actual hormones, or change their mind, stop the blockers, and have the effects of them reversed. Good to see another person who supports medical science, and facts over their feelings, well done! Always great to have an ally like you, happy Pride Month!

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    1. @The Trans decepticon yeah, we brainwash you straights and your kids with our magical, rainbow coloured gaydiation beams. There is no escape, _muahahahaha!_ That’s _why_ we invented 5G! It stands for 5 times the gayification.

      _pew pew pew!_

  3. I disapprove of both racial and gender identity citywide celebrations. They should not be happening.

    1. If you disapprove of them, then don’t partake in them? Seems pretty simple, especially if you believe in free association like the constitution.

    1. Gotcha, no people are allowed to marry unless their names are Adam and Eve, _totally_ sounds logical

    2. @David then you should take the old testament out of the Bible. Its taken verbatim from the Talmud.

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