Poor People’s Campaign Taking A Stance On The "For the People Act" 1

Poor People’s Campaign Taking A Stance On The “For the People Act”


Bishop William Barber, Co-Chairman of The Poor People’s Campaign, will attend the ‘Moral Monday March on Manchin’ to address West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin’s position on the filibuster and the “For the People Act.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Poor People’s Campaign Taking A Stance On The "For the People Act"


  1. So done with the Koch Bros. exemplar. Leaders and potential leaders need to spell out where there “living” is coming from. Corporations are not individuals and need to stay out of our individual rights. Let their shareholders/CEOs, etc. have their one individual vote.

  2. You can’t offer Joe Manchin enough money to change his stance. His upcoming appointment as a honorary member of the criminal GOP syndicate is more valuable to him.

  3. Thank you. I’ve been suggesting Congress people go to WV to share the verified votes manchin has and has not voted for WV people. Thank you again.

  4. How come they never ask a person who can’t vote because of the laws…oh wait there is noone this applies to.

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  6. Manchin supported all these bills until he received contributions from US Chamber of Commerce. There’s your dark money right there.
    Manchin is literally being paid,
    by a private enterprise,
    to vote against his own constituents’ interests.
    This is Citizens United at it’s best!

  7. That’s what I’ve been trying to say this whole time…it’s not about your race! It is absolutely about your wealth status…nothing more, nothing less!!!

  8. . Hey, Youngsters AND Progressives WV. Please! Please! Primary this Republican posing as a Democrat. Vote!

  9. Have thought Rev Barber is one good man since the first time I saw him on MSNBC a few years back! Every decent
    Person in the country should be praying for hi success in this march! B!was you Reverend!

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