Queer Representation In Pop Culture

As more LGBTQ+ representation appears on mainstream media, Dr. Jason Johnson asks his panel of experts whether certain experiences and stories are still underrepresented or dismissed when it pertains to people of color in the LGBTQ+ community.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Queer Representation In Pop Culture


    1. @Dennis Janda
      The point is not that they need everybody to know, but that they don’t need to hide it.

    2. @Dennis Janda: Yeah, that’s what I thought. You aren’t being harmed at all. You’re just being a blow hard.

    1. You’ve been posting the same comment, Copy & Paste everywhere and that’s; Spamming, Harassment or Bullying and it’s against YouTube guidelines. And not to even mention that you’ve created your account since May 25th only repeat the same comment over and over.

    2. @Dittzx I have noticed that too. He is posting nthe same damned comment freaking everywhere

    1. @Kyle Kyle if you don’t follow the liberal hive mind you’re Russian or racist. I’m in Oregon as well lol. The liberals here make me laugh because they are all talk

    1. In 1964, the ancient egyptian tomb of the male partners and hairdressers or overseers of manicurists to the pharoah, two men named Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum, was discovered. They were trusted with actually attending to the pharoah who was seen as a living representative of the sun God.

    2. @Jock Young it’s millions and millions of people’s choice. The more you force lbgt onto people the more people hate it.

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  3. LGBQ+ has been around since beginning of time… What makes me sad that in 2021 people just don’t want to be treated ugly or killed for how God made them…. I love my LGBQ daughter…. I knew when she was 3, she be special ♥️

  4. I have had friends that were in the military…. Under fire …. Who have long lasting buddy love ❤️ while li

  5. Do what you want. Love who you want. But when you try to indoctrinate our kids that this is somehow normal, then don’t be surprised at the backlash!

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