Velshi: Marsha P. Johnson Was A LGBTQ+ Trailblazer. Her Work Is Not Finished 1

Velshi: Marsha P. Johnson Was A LGBTQ+ Trailblazer. Her Work Is Not Finished


"Pay it no mind". It was a phrase that became popular in the '60s and '70s among members of the LGBTQ community. But in 1969, the abuse against the gay community in America could no longer be ignored. Gay bars like the Stonewall Inn became the target of violent police raids. But on one night in June on Manhattan's Christopher Street, gay and trans New Yorkers had had enough of the harassment. They fought back and the Stonewall Uprising began. Marsha P. Johnson is thought by some to be the person who threw the first shot glass. She fought for LGBTQ rights, but her fight is far from over. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: Marsha P. Johnson Was A LGBTQ+ Trailblazer. Her Work Is Not Finished


  1. Yes, the work is not finish. The Equality Act needs to pass the Senate. Mitch McConnell is banking on winning the 2022 midterm elections. He’s counting on not voting next year. Until then he will obstruct like he did President Obama.

    1. @Regulatory Affairs because trump is guilty of far worse than any of that, and I’m willing to bet a lot of those things you mentioned are a direct result of trump policies, that Biden inherited

    2. @CShield technically, you don;t have to have house seat to be speaker, just that the members of the House of Representatives choose the speaker. That being said, ttrump will likely be in prison by then

    1. @Lucius Kiirus I disagree. They say they are for us their constituents. So they need to be bold and fight for us. Why vote them in if they do like the Republicans that don’t help their constituents. This is for the money they get paid. Money has to be taken out of politics

  2. Great report. Thank you! Was in The Village a lot on weekends in late 60s early 70s. Then moved to San Francisco and a few years later LA…Thank you to ALL of the COURAGEOUS peope including Marcha P. and similar ( I think of Harvey Milk) in other cities that started and nurtured this movement for equality and fair treatment for LGBTQs. It continues today.

  3. I love Ali Veshi he is my favorite wish he was on more then just Saturday and Sunday. Shame what happen back then

    1. I definitely don’t support it. I’m sick of hearing about them and their freakin issues. I don’t care who screws who. When people are getting killed because of their sexual preferences…might want to rethink that preference. Normal just isn’t interesting or dramatic enough I suppose. I’ve never had to worry about being attacked because I’m one I know has been attacked or killed because they’re straight..

    2. @moredogslesspeople maybe instead of trying to get people to rethink preferences, maybe you should stop victim blaming. Anybody who kills because of someone else’s preference (or any other reason) should do long hard time

    3. @Belly Dancer Em I didn’t say it was right, I just said that a common reason it happens, because of a person’s preferences. I could care LESS what people do. Just stop making a PSA about it. The victims make themselves the victim, who else should I blame?

    4. @moredogslesspeople you blame the people doing the killing, of course.Why would anyone suggest otherwise????

  4. So enlightened stark true. Subjectively, a person can think that they are equal. But then in person’s term you must be equal to what? 2+2=4. It will never be so neat in people’s interactions. Suffice it to say, it’s only objectively what the law says the grounds are. Therefore the lawmakers MUST strive to make legislation that encompasses the utmost important values that reflect the meaning of an individual’s life in a civilized society.

    1. @Pepper Moon Nope, today perverts are not a shame anymore., Now they are a symbol of the USA

    2. @Aedammair Ornóra You are very ignorant and intolerant…I do believe your emoji is a reflection of your heart and soul …

  5. maybe we should consider this… *people who have no soul… don’t know right from wrong…* people who have lost their soul… are the same way… soze… you might ask yourself… what is a soul?… well… a soul is your identity… it is what you identify with… sort of… like your nose… phew…

  6. Raise you hand if we need a good, proper, biopic of this woman and/or the Stonewall Riots. Along with other silenced histories (looking at you Tulsa) But in this case, Stonewall.

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