Prime Minister Poilievre? Conservative Party would win election if held today: Nanos | TREND LINE's Michael Stitle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos look at some troubling polling for the Liberal Party as key indicators continue to slump for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government.

Then Nik and Michael break down what you need to know from the 2023 federal budget – could the government's spending priorities help reverse the popularity slump?

Also, U.S. President Joe Biden finally visited Canada after a long delay. How did the meeting go? Michael and Nik look at key moments from the trip and discuss if the Canada-U.S. relationship remains strong.

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  1. I immigrated to Canada in 2010, l still can’t understand how Canadians REPEATEDLY voted for a narcissistic teenager who’s never done anything useful in his entire life.

    1. Pieere’s been a politician for 20 years (his entire adult life), and has a net worth of $9M, he says he’s like the common person, but he clearly isn’t. I’m not saying Trudeau is either, that guy’s a trust fund baby.

    2. The irony is that Pierre is no different. He is a CAREER POLITICIAN. He has held office since the moment he graduated university and has never worked an actual full time job in his life besides MP. And he’s even younger than Trudeau!

  2. I can only hope that Pierre will be our next PM. Trudeau is the worst PM in my lifetime. I’ve never seen Canada in such a sad state.

  3. The best thing about it is Trudeau never looks at the results he produces. So he’s on a downward rollercoaster going weeeee. 😅

  4. I was a foreign student during the time of the high-interest rate, and massive spending by JT’s father…history repeats itself.

    1. The $1.3 Trillion deficit now requires $50 Billion annual interest payments.
      Your grandchildren will never be able to pay off this kind of indebtedness.

  5. I always voted Liberal in the past, but after the disastrous Trudeau reign, I’m with Poilievre all the way.

  6. Which is why the NDP will continue to support the Liberals no matter how badly they fail Canadians. The NDP know that a Conservative Government will pull Canada out of this tailspin, and then stay in Government. The NDP would rather have Canada fail than see a Conservative success. Without a change NOW, a depression is not far off. And the financial crash will take place literally overnight.

  7. Oh if only we could have an election now!!! Who’s to blame for keeping Trudeau in power, Singh!!😠

  8. This budget did not stay the course, the fall update was looking at a balanced budget in 4 years. Now there is no end in sight for everyone who has to pay for all this borrowed money!

  9. Lifetime Liberal no more. So out of touch with reality. Pierre has Canadians best interests at heart and knows exactly what this country needs.

  10. I immigrated to Canada in 1990 at the age of 5 and what we have now is a disaster. We need this election ASAP.

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