WATCH | MPs get into heated exchange over Canada’s need for bail reform

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  1. It’s mind boggling you can cripple someone and be out of jail before they are out of physiotherapy. I remember one the girl still couldn’t walk as she was waiting for another surgery and the perpetrator took a plea deal and didn’t even do jail time.

  2. Defund the Liberals… support our Police… apply actual JUSTICE in our “Liberal” courts with proper sentences to protect law abiding, productive citizens. We don’t need Liberal “hearts go out”… we need POLICIES to go out !

  3. The war on drugs was a failure, but at least back then things weren’t even half as bad as they are know!

  4. “we don’t have the answer as to why the country is falling apart, but neither do you!” – every Liberal party answer

  5. I have to wonder if any liberal MP thinks about the senseless deaths caused by easy release for violent criminals. I know I’d be up at night wra cked with guilt for allowing this. Do they feel this?

  6. They talk like they’re actually doing something but everything they do is pointless waste of taxe payer money just to look like they’re doing something

  7. How anyone with a shred of intelligence or dignity could vote for Trudeau and Liberals is simply mind boggling!!

    1. Justice is with Justin!!!! VOTE JUSTIN!!!…This is an Indian country…live with it or get out, mostly just get out!

    2. @Koo Koo are you talking about India indians or the group of warring tribes that immigrated here and genocide the Ancient One?

  8. Force the PM to walk downtown in Toronto or in Vancouver at Hastings and Main Street without his security detail, Then check his shorts for skid marks.

  9. Pierre for PM 🗳️ Vote Conservatives 🖲️🧢🇨🇦 Save Canada from Jagtradeoland 🤡🤌LIESBRAL

  10. Does he ever look upset when he gets put in his place by a woman who is far more superior at her job than he is.

  11. Watching these Liberal Ministers sidestep the questions is nauseating. They refuse to accept responsibility for these failed bail reforms and ordinary Canadians are paying the price each day. Shame.

  12. It baffles me how anyone in this country can actually support this government. It takes minimal intelligence to see through the word salad.

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