Prime Minister Trudeau asked if he’ll run for re-election, here’s how he responded

Prime Minister Trudeau asked if he'll run for re-election, here's how he responded 1


  1. The right thing to do would be to change the liberal leader however this guy is so full of himself that why he stated yes to running in the next election

  2. That’s like asking a bank robber as he’s making his get away if he has space in the bag for some more extra cash lmfao 🤣 ofc he’s not done dividing & destroying the remnants of the nation

    “True North strong & fr … nvm 🤣”

    1. Plus hes not qualified to do anything else. Can’t teach any that’s way harder than destroying a country

  3. Trudeau: talking about inclusion for every one.
    Also Trudeau: Supports discrimination and segregation through vax mandates.

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