Prince Harry and Meghan showed ‘incredibly bad manners’: royal biographer

Royal commentator and biographer author Angela Levin with her take of how Harry and Meghan handled the situation.

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  1. Here is mother hen passing bad and ridiculous judgement to a family that can more than solve their own problems. Low.

    1. As a Royal biographer she has an historical and intimate grasp of the inner and outer workings of British Royals. Her commentary is legitimate and noteworthy, whatever your Alien point of view.

  2. Why blame Megan? She knows how to make her way in the real world, afterall. Harry is a clumsy guy born into privilege. I think they would do well away from the Royal “duties” of plaque revealings and ribbon cutting ceremonies. The loss of privacy to fulfill those “duties” is not worth it. Besides the whole premise of royalty is BS! Let Harry walk away from it.

  3. For many years now, I have known that Harry was much more different than the rest of the family. As he aged I saw this more and more. What I saw was a fiercely independent person who was very hard working and down to earth. Although noteworthy, this did not surprise me at all. Freedom I call it and the best to them both as well as the Royal Family

  4. A wise royal to walk away from the parasites that rule Britain and the commonwealth for centuries.

  5. Every country in the world would rather worry about peace than worrying about how this couple decides to live their lives.

  6. how royalties came to be; “the gods speak to me they say give me your money and build me a castle“

  7. It’s their marriage no-one else’s, it’s naff all to do with with anyone else. They are grown adults nearly 40 for crying out loud, they don’t need or require “Mummies” permission, get over it. Suck it up buttercup!!

  8. It’s sad that this servant is out-stepping her social realm to call Harry a child while remaining stuck under his shoes as mere litter.

  9. Disgusting – Harry and Meghan should be sent to America or France!
    The poor Queen – our 93 yr old Monarch who has served her duty with absolute grace and continues to do so – she doesn’t need this; The Sussex’s spit in her face and into the faces of all Commonwealth subjects. As a Canadian who values our Constitutional Monarchy, I feel sad and angry at these two awful ingrates!

  10. When a £5m a year salaried Royal thinks that he can play the victim, you’re in confused playacting times.

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