1. He’s my favourite royal… the only one who makes sense to me. Royalty is passé and I believe it should be abolished. Best wishes to Harry and Meaghan.

  2. They never were “ senior members”. Now… if they come here, do we take on their security details? That will be megabucks. They will make their money by merchant Archie and their selfish foundation will fund their elaborate lifestyle.

  3. Why don’t they go the whole way and renounce any claims to the British monarchy on behalf of himself and any and all his descendants? Then they can be completely independent financially and have no official duties to worry about. Or will the fact that “royal” will no longer be in their name downgrade their marketability?

    1. Why would Harry do that to his grandmother and grandfather ? Do you have ice running through your veins ?

    2. They already said they are not going to take tax money. He’ll always be the son of the future king no matter what. Them being royal is not what makes them marketable, they’ll be fine

  4. I used to like the monarchy but now I gave no belief in them. I am against them now. There is no reason why they should have all that money, jewels, castles, real estate ….. when there is so much need in the UK and the world. The jewels on the queen ‘s crown could feed a country. I no longer have any respect for any of them.

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