Donald Trump is playing checkers, but the world is playing chess: analyst

Donald Trump is playing checkers, but the world is playing chess: analyst 1


    1. You mean like what happened with North Korea, but didn’t really? I seem to recall Trump and his supporters claiming accomplishments that hadn’t happened, and still haven’t, back then too….

    2. @Hyperpandas the earthquake. Mountain collapse?
      You don’t know what is actually happening. Trump is setting up world peace. Some idiots don’t pay attention.

  1. Let’s see this deal Obama had made that Donald Trump pulled out of with Iran.. I’m curious to what it says now.

  2. Are you planning to have a follow up with these woketards the day after…looking forward to hearing more from them…NOT!

  3. Canadian Tv news networks have zero credibility, we all need to wake up or end up like Europe.. we may already be there.

    1. stmicheal 😂 you only wish you were like Europe, your backward thinking hill billy hicks have destroyed the foundation of the United States and what freedom stands for. The GOP are a highly corrupt criminal gang, you comment negatively, but look how much better off you were before this orange clown.

    2. @Tony Stark Your comment reveals the inability of rational thought you have, deductive reasoning clearly shows I’m Canadian and you have no grasp on reality. You get a participation ribbon enjoy.

  4. where do these analyst get their credentials, how are they still able to make a living when they are almost always wrong.

    1. poker is a game that doesnt resemble reality as even with perfect play you still lose. More boring than watching paint dry.

  5. I dont believe in trump but he doesnt think alone theres like an army who will help decide if war is involved

  6. The United States 🇺🇸 has ufos that can do the job in one shot. But I guess we gonna save those for later.

  7. Wrong. The world plays Go, wei chi. Chess while interesting is about tactics, solvable by a computer. Go is not solvable.
    Stop relying on so called experts in naming associations for characterization of situations.

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