Are Harry and Meghan planning a permanent move to Canada?

Royal Commentator Victoria Arbiter discusses a stunning announcement by Harry and Meghan and what their new role could be.

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    1. Then wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of taking care of themself finatiacly ..I don’t think it matters if the step back anyways scince they aren’t next to rule

  1. I don’t give them 2 years left to that marriage. He’s regretting getting involved with that toad. Hollywood crowd is so fake.

  2. she’s calling the shots and the poor guy looks beaten. She’ll be taking him to the divorce cleaners as soon as she finishes getting everything she wants

    1. El Martillo If you do your research and look at individual net worth she is worth more money than he is this is not to include the monarchy when you do your research just his personal net worth so if anything he would be taking her to the cleaners

    2. @MIke The Wood Worker uh huh wait for it, you’ll see………..First she calls the shots, then she moves him away from his family, then he gets the boot lol

  3. Pretty sure Kate pushed her out. Meg is not a royal, they don’t want that commoner amongst them .

    1. When she passes that’s when. Don’t be spreading rumours around like this that she’s passed when it’s not true. Don’t make a Jeffrey Epstein out of this by saying they’re still alive her that the Queen is still alive and well and kicking that’s a given that fact so don’t be spreading stuff like this around or you find yourself Behind Bars. I’m for freedom of speech not for lies period!!!!

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