Rocket Attack On Iraqi Base Housing US Troops | Hardball | MSNBC 1

Rocket Attack On Iraqi Base Housing US Troops | Hardball | MSNBC


Iraq's al-Asad airbase, which houses US troops, has been hit with a rocket attack. Aired on 01/07/20.
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Rocket Attack On Iraqi Base Housing US Troops | Hardball | MSNBC


  1. Beyond hilarious America’s about to go to war again and they don’t even have a functioning healthcare system go America strongest country in the world.

  2. If there is a war, all the Trump supporters should be drafted and go to bat for their draft dodging orange goblin leader.

    1. Like them or not those trump supporters are our family and friends. I may vehemently disagree with them…..but I don’t wish the death of any of my fellow americans. Idk…..maybe these last few years have made me soft

    2. The reason your right, sending liberals first would just give them field training and human shields. That’s if you could find them in this country during the war and not quickly using a loophole to avoid the draft altogether.

      The reasons your wrong..
      Which side more often contributes to the military over time
      Which party created the draft
      Which party is most known for dodging the draft
      Which party is full of traitors having lead us to this point
      Wasn’t Trump a liberal until his party left him, like Reagan
      Which is the best President in our lifetime and in fact worked the hardest to end the wars but is battling a DNC party and deep state of traitors
      Which party bends over the most for our enemies and compromises to them to a degree we are now at this point
      OK this list would perhaps be endless.. I did give a reason for you being right though… I was humbled when I found one. I’m glad I caught myself..

    3. Oh right we should do what lib leaders have done in the past and provide terrorists with pallets of cash.

    1. @Jim Skarw The death of their General has brought them together..and how did the ballistic missles bypass American anti missle defence system…look at Afghanistan.. US troops have been there to defeat Taliban.. to no a potential peace deal is sought out to the Taliban.. US aim was to defeat and eliminate Taliban not negotiate with Taliban..US has spent 11 trillion dollars..on the war in Iraq Afghanistan and Libya too..

    2. @Jim Skarw I don’t think that what you say is true, the Iranians are tough. I just hope that my stupid government doesn’t allow our armed forces to get sucked in again. #45 is completely unreliable – just ask the Kurds.

    3. aussie jim I think that Trump has no intention of any form of boots-on-the-ground warfare. He will wage economic warfare. He’s good at it,and Iran is already in turmoil with 20%+ unemployment and lack of available goods.

    4. @aussie jim Thanks you Aussie’s for sticking by us in so many conflicts. Please don’t get caught up in this debacle. We drew first blood just by being there in the first place.

    1. @T H There’s still over a dozen foreign countries still occupying Iraq. Again Iraq is powerless to force NATO to leave. All NATO will do is accuse the Iraqi government of colluding with the enemy and either have them assassinated or replaced by a puppet leader.

      That’s how UK and France have occupied the middle east for decades. Now America wants their slice of the pie.

    2. @Leo Peridot you are aware the NATO mandate in Iraq is Training Iraqi forces right?
      If iraq wants NATO out and to stop training their troops they will get out.

  3. American CVN Aircraft carriers in the region and Ohio class submarines submerged deep underwater awaiting orders!

    1. @ruth depew i dont know what you are talking about. you dont have an argument. you dont even understand the issues. you think everything is a putin conspiracy. you operate at the level of an 8 year old, right down to the silly name calling.

    2. @Kevin NYC Thanks for the laugh. Listen to Trump for a full 60 seconds and tell me he comes up to the level of an eight year old.

    3. @Kevin NYC I express myself because I love America, most of what she has been, and what she could be. Trump is taking America down a dark and ugly path. Fighting that evil is all the purpose I need.

    4. @ruth depew the problem is you are only allowed to have one opinion. you should be concerned about that. they never offer different views on this station.

  4. Go through the 2016 voting registry and have every single person from the age of 18 to 40 who voted tRump to be drafted to the frontlines once the war starts, and if you were too young at the time and your parents voted for Trump as well, they should go to. Now THAT’S democracy.

  5. the only person who is wing for all these actions is
    Benjamin Netanyahu
    of Israel
    and or daughters and son’s
    will be died in battle

    please don’t start a war

    1. Yoyo Ball those whom go low; we go high. I am a neutral party and don’t vote either. On a human level this is all wrong. As a human being seeing a man / women / political parties lead unnecessary wars and provocative is Despicable!

      As a person whom supports anti war and crimes this is unacceptable what your “elected” official has done. The non popular elected official, just encase you didn’t get that – peace

    2. ​@frank durkin Yes, and I say, may God bless and protect the thousands of innocent lives that will perish if this senseless war does not cease … Trump supporters, their children, associates or the Republican Party will not shed any blood on these massacres … Miserable bone spurs is what they all are … “Imagine a king who fights his own battles. Wouldn’t that be a sight? … “

    1. Trump really doesn’t want that.. Wed miss his photo op as his holiness. I guess we could bring our phone under the bed

    1. Kevin NYC then leave this site and go there – you clearly are not welcome or you’re actually watching this and being educated… highly unlikely!

  6. Iran actually has the moral high ground in this matter.
    What a thing to say. . .
    Traitor Trump belongs in jail.

    1. hahah Democrats!!! Im glad you are clear on which side of the “Death to America” issue you are. There is no moderate Democrat party anymore. I truly hope people are taking notice.

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