Prince Harry retraces Diana’s footsteps through minefield

Prince Harry retraces Diana's footsteps through minefield 1


Britain's Duke of Sussex will make "a particularly significant and poignant journey" during his 10-day tour of southern Africa, when he honors his mother's legacy and returns to the site of his mother's famous minefield walk.
Admired for her humanitarian work, Princess Diana championed the issue of landmine clearance when she visited the country's second city of Huambo 22 years ago with The HALO Trust. The city was one of Angola's fiercest battlegrounds during the country's 27-year civil war — its land contaminated with the weapons.
A 1997 photo of Diana wearing protective gear as she was escorted through a cleared lane in the live minefield and comforting child amputees sparked global efforts to end the production and use of the weapons. She died only a few months before an international treaty prohibiting landmines was drafted and signed.

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  1. I’d rather hear more about Crowdstrike, FISA declassification, and border wall construction. This is an amateurish distraction from the self destructive practices of the far left radicals.

  2. Diana was killed as a sacrifice to the global elite

  3. We all know who blew Bill Clinton’s whistle 😂🤣😆😆😆😄😀.

    Piss on CNN!!!!

  4. So, no longer reporting on
    *Epstein & Prince Andrew*
    ☢️ Crowdstrike Server☢️

    • @Dom Von Hutch Wow that sounds suspicious wonder who might have a motive. Somebody should look into this.
      Hope they catch the “mugger”.

    • Nikolai Collushnikov | September 27, 2019 at 2:37 PM | Reply

      @Robert Evans I have it on good authority Orange Man Bad.

    • Jamtommy1 – well there was this one julio assange guy who wikipedialeaked and tweeted his death information & reward poster after saying that the emails were leaked from a dnc staffer and that that staffer had “died” but he in gaol now for violating his parole… edit* bail

    • @Dom Von Hutch I think they got Julio locked in a dungeon somewhere. So I guess he’s not gonna be able to help get to the bottom of this. Sad.

  5. The ol hag the queen should pay to remove them. Princess Diana would of been a magnificent Queen but I think that title would of tainted her greatness.

  6. Cute Little Suzie | September 27, 2019 at 8:37 AM | Reply

    CNN sucks. Fredo lost it the other day when he was screaming FAKE NEWS on air. (snicker)

  7. Epstein was how long in the news after he got killed? 1 week?

  8. Dianna found out the truth about the kids. You know how that ended


  10. wearing a mask Harry won’t do much when lose booth the legs !

  11. The globalist warlords with agendas like Soros, are the ones who pay for these mines. Of course Fake News will report on the damage they cause, but will not explain how these poor destitute Countries can afford these munitions.

    • Perhaps, find out about the history before commenting! The landmines were there because of the 35 year civil war in Angola! Angola is full of natural resources, like diamonds, oil, etc… although poverty is rife! Most countries buy their weapons from US, UK, France among others! That’s why those countries are such warmongers, because for them war is business… never heard of Soros in relation to the conflict, which was ongoing LONG before Soros broke the bank of England! Quit spreading misinformation so as to pump through your biased agenda!
      Got a problem with Soros, take it up with him, but if you wish to point the finger at ANYONE for the atrocities in Africa & Middle East, make sure that finger is firmly pointed at the western governments that profited from their war mongering!

    • @devilish84 that would be the Rothschilds, the bosses of the Queen.

  12. Well you since you brought up Prince …..we’re going to party like it’s 1999 after trump doesn’t get impeached and is re-elected.

  13. To the truth tellers in the comment section: Keep fighting the good fight !

    • Just wanted to let you know thay CNN now shadowbans comments that say CNN sucks or CNN is fake news

    • I wonder if CNN or youtube all together allow a comment section as we get close to the Presidential election. If this impeachment Circus doesn’t workout (It Won’t) they’ll have nothing left.

  14. hi i have gift all peoples earth GO IM CHECNEL AND TRANSLITE ALL LANGUA

  15. Diana was such a Gem! The Royal family didn’t deserve her especially Charles!!😭😭😭😭

  16. I don’t understand, how can this be TRUMP’s fault. What’s the point of a news story that doesn’t trash TRUMP. This can’t be CNN.

  17. Nothing about epstein and the “royal” inbreds?

  18. CNN is now shadow banning comments that say CNN suxks and CNN is Fakkke newz but with the correct spelling. I can’t say it or if it’ll get deleted

  19. William Chapman | September 27, 2019 at 2:06 PM | Reply

    RFLOL what happened to the impeachment you hacks had a whole line of propaganda to roll out

  20. Diana never tried to hide emotion although her smile could light up the world. She showed the suffering and felt it. May she rest in eternal peace.

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